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I just bought my dress!

Hi All,
This is my first post here, but I think it's about time I join the community :)

I am so excited!  I am getting married July 13, 2013 (hopefully, waiting for vendor confirmation).  I got engaged on June 2nd of this year, but for some odd reason, the planning has fallen together so quickly and easily.  We set a budget and have been able to keep to it, thus far.  We've figured out a venue, a catering company we would like, invites (found on sale at Micheal's), some of our decor, and we're sketching out a guest list. 

I looked at dresses just for fun 2 weeks after I got engaged.  I found one I liked and went back to look at it yesterday, as well as a random one I sort of liked from the catalogue.  Low and behold, the "random" one was my dress.  I put it on and I just lit up when I saw myself.  I didn't believe in finding "the one" like that.  I didn't think it would be special for me.  I have been uncomfortable in my body for a long time.  Uncomfortable with my weight and shape.  I have been through some difficult health problems, and although I'm only 25, I often feel inadequate when compared to my peers.  When I put on this dress, it made me feel beautiful.  It was amazing.

I was so nervous to committ this early, but I got a good deal.  $100 off at David's Bridal because I didn't want the train on the dress and I bought it right at the end of the sale.  My bridesmaids weren't available to be there, so I brought one of my finace's friends to approve, and he was helpful.  I went a little over my $400 budget for my dress, but it was a little low, anyways.  I couldn't be happier with my choice! 

As everyone says, this picture doesn't do it justice, but this is the one:

Anyways, hello to everyone, and thanks for letting me share my happy news!

Re: I just bought my dress!

  • Welcome and congratulations!! Your dress is gorgeous! Make sure you check out our intro pin so you can share a lil about yourself. Hope to see more of you around!
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  • well hello there, date twin! (you meant 2013, right?) that dress. is. amazing. and it's so funny, it's on my short list for my DB appointment next month!!!  welcome to the best board on TK!
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  • congrats.  im 365 days out today lol
  • Your dress is lovely! 

    Welcome to the board, and great checks so far :)
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  • Welcome! And congrats. :) I ordered my dress from Lightinthebox.com, but also tried on dresses at DB in case it came and I hated it. The dress you bought ended up being the one I liked best and would have bought if I didn't end up LOVING the dress I ordered online. It was so pretty and light feeling when I had it on, I didn't want to take it off. I still have it in mind if my seamstress messes up majorly and ruins my dress. :) 
  • Congrats on the check.. Beautiful dress..
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    Congratulations!! I'm a date twin AND I just got this check at DB too!  I tried on that or a very similar dress and loved it.  It just didn't fit the look I was going for otherwise we probably would be dress twins too!

    Hehe  I definitely feel the same about getting the dress shopping done so early too.  The one I picked was being sold as is so I didn't even have the chance to digest all the feelings like I might have if I had to order it.

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