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September 2015 Weddings

wedding band (jewelry, not entertainment)

Hello, fellow September brides!


Have any of you gone shopping for or bought your wedding bands yet? I have a pretty good idea of what I want, but we haven't gone shopping yet.  I'm not sure if we will buy them where we live (Boston) or upstate NY where we got my e-ring (FI has a family friend who is a jeweler there, so he saved A LOT of $ going to him). 

Re: wedding band (jewelry, not entertainment)

  • NowIamMrsKleinNowIamMrsKlein Cold Canadian North (British Columbia) member
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    We live about 7 hours from our jeweler, so we got ours when we were back home visiting over thanksgiving. Once less thing to have to worry about doing this year! We had looked back in september and narrowed mine down to 2 choices, and FI pretty much picked his. Then we sat on it for 2 months and when we went back I gravitated more towards one of the two and FI still adored his one selection so we purchased.

  • @soontobemrsklein that is beautiful! congrats!
  • creato2304creato2304 Romeoville, IL member
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    futuremrsjms were able to save $ on your rings! I got my engagement ring 4 years ago so I am not even sure if they are still around...will have to check with the FI. 

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  • Nope...we are buying ours separate and for each other as "thoughtful" gifts...but I guess we should start looking into it.
  • We haven't gotten ours yet but I am thinking next month would be a good month to go given the sales for Valentine's Day that may be going on.  We will see.

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  • FI's has been ordered....but the jeweler is going to need my ring back (it is a custom) so he can make the mold for the wedding ring.....he might have to pry it off my finger...haha


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  • FI has started to look at ring ideas for himself, but nothing has been bought yet.
    Whereas I have my ring already picked out, I just need to wait to save a bit more until I buy it.
    This isn't my engagement ring, but the style is very similar. So I will be getting this band but custom done to match my ring.


  • Got mine at Jared's!  It's a wrap around and it happened to match my E-ring perfectly and the one in the display case fit me.  I can't wait until I can wear it every day!



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  • Mine is going to be a simple half eternity band in rose gold :) I'm super excited for FI's ring, I'm going to order it this week except it's going to have a white sapphire in the centre and the primer will be a .45 ACP instead of a .40SW
  • Mine has 2 b ordered online, same as my E ring, it's a set... I found his at a jewelry store here where we live and since I got it on clearance at such an awesome price I also bought him a flashier one that he will wear when we get dressed and go out... I'm gonna surprise him with that one at the reception!!
  • We had such a fiasco with our wedding bands! Mine came in exactly as ordered, but my fiance had to have his re-ordered three times! First it was the wrong size, then the ring was a completely different ring than what we picked out, then they ordered it in the wrong metal....talk about concerning!

    All's well that ends well I guess 

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