Lahaina, Maui: Wedding after party location?!?

Hello all.  Does anyone have a recommendation for an after party location in/around Lahaina, Maui?  We're getting married at Olowalu Plantation House which 'closes'  at 10pm.  We'd love to move the party (or those that are still up for it) to a restaurant/bar in the area, nothing fancy.  I've reached out to Fleetwood's, which might be a little pricey ($2500 minimum to reserve roof cabana + taxes).  Does anyone have a recommendation or ideas for what to do for an after party, 10pm on?
Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Lahaina, Maui: Wedding after party location?!?

  • I had thought the same thing after I got married at Olowalu but what I discovered is that after such a long day and by the time we got coordinated to do anything else nobody really wanted to go out and do anything. we ended up having a great time in our hotel common areas and then went to bed. 
  • Hi, dhpryor - did you ever end up finding a place for the after party? My wedding will take place in the Kihei area. I've been told, sadly, by my wedding coordinator that there isn't much of a nightlife/ clubbing in Maui to begin with so it'll be tough! Would be interested in hearing about any other options though!

    Although, I think PP has a point about being tired after a long day! =)
  • Oh man. I cannot tell you how tired we all were that night....we had an open bar, and by the time 10 p.m. rolled around everyone was more than ready to call it a night. We partied our butts off until the very end and then crashed really hard. The time change really takes it out of you....I had also heard there's not much of a nightlife in Maui, hotel common area might be your best bet.
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  • I searched around West Maui for possible after party locations for our wedding this coming October and couldn't find much.  We decided that we're going to rent an extra suite at the hotel for the after party and brunch the next day and bring any leftover booze (we're buying our own at Costco) with us.
  • Thanks for the advice, ladies! I can stop looking for something that isn't needed/ doesn't exist! =)
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  • Hi there! Just wanted to give an update on the nightlife scene in Maui! :) I will give full details in a separate post for my bachelorette (zip lining, Morimoto's, etc. - bridesmaids did an amazing job planning!) but thought I'd share first that it IS possible to have fun out past 10pm! I think there is a similar thread in the Destination Weddings forum but thought maybe my response might be more helpful here. This is relevant for those staying in South Maui rather than West Maui, but there is a nightlife area that the locals call "the triangle" in Kihei that is basically a group of 3 bars: Life's a beach (aka the lab), Tiki Lounge, and a third one which I can't remember... In actuality, there are several other bars in that plaza or block that you could check. These are open til 2am and there are a variety of vibes and crowds. I think it really depends on what your (or your group's) expectations are. We went with low expectations - we knew it wasn't going to be Vegas but we had a good size group (9 girls) to keep things fun and all we needed was some music for dancing! The bars aren't fancy and we were clearly overdressed, haha, but we had an AWESOME time! The original plan was to hop around but we started off at Tiki Lounge and stayed til 1 (which we told was the best time to catch a cab in Kihei). Tiki lounge has a small dance floor, more like a dance corner, but the dj was pretty great and we had a blast! Music was mostly EDM and some old school hip hop, which was perfect for us. We also checked out Ambrosia on a different night; it's tiny and more of a lounge - the dj was awful maybe because it was a weekday. The LAB had karaoke, certainly entertaining; no dancing area here. Any of the bars could work, really, depends on how big your group is and what they would enjoy most. But yes...husband and I were super tired by the wedding night...lol! I'm sure it'd be great to offer the option to guests but I don't think we would have joined in!! Sorry for the ginormous post!
  • Thanks for your post, our wedding venue goes til 1am luckily, but we are wanting to do a girls/guys night out the Thursday before, and I wasn't sure where we could go past 10. I'll def have to check out these places! Congrats on your wedding :)
  • Would love to know the venue that you found that's available til 1am! We are planning a Maui wedding for 2016 and really hating the fact that everywhere closes at 10pm.
  • we felt the same way - didn't want the night to end at 10 pm.  we are having our reception at Saltimbocca restaurant and seeing as it is in doors (but with great views of the water) the party can go later than 10pm.  
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