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Plus One question.

Hi! I have a strange situation (well, it's not that strange, but I'm having trouble finding an answer.)

I'm inviting my aunt, uncle, and their three kids. They all live together, and all three kids are under 18. However, two of them (twins) will be 17 at the time of the reception. My family has usually invited older teenagers with a plus one - we have the space and budget so that's not a concern.

Their other child is 13. How do I word this invitation? Do I invite the 17 year olds separately with their own invitation, and put the 13 year old on his parents'? 

Re: Plus One question.

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    If you are doing inner envelopes, you can just send one invite.  On the Outside send the invite to the Jones Family.  Then on the inner envelope, then put:

    Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Jones
    Mr. Samuel Jones + guest
    Mr. Andrew Jones + guest
    Mr. Thomas Jones

    If you are not doing inner envelopes, to make it easier on you, I would just send the 17 year olds their own invite with guest.  I would have the 13 year old invited on the parents' invite.

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