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Getting in shape for October!

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How is everyone doing with getting in shape so far? I was hard at it right after the holidays, but winter got me into a slump pretty quickly. For whatever reason though, I'm back at it and feeling motivated. 8 months to go! I would love to hear what everyone's doing, like making those little changes and motivation for getting yourself to the gym. 

So far I've been attempting to go to the gym at least every other day, and I've swapped out the hearty beef stews that I was eating at lunch and replaced it with raw veggies and hummus. Fingers crossed for changes! I am looking forward to running outside when it's nice again.
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Re: Getting in shape for October!

  • NowIAmSypNowIAmSyp East Hanover, NJ member
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    I have been very, very bad about going to the gym.  I was waiting for the "NYE resolutioners" to fade away, but now I'm just officially lazy, lol.  

    I honestly think Daylight Savings Time is going to help- a lot.  Now, it won't be dark when I leave work, so maybe I'll have more energy to head straight to the gym :)  

    I have 7 months exactly from today (10/2/15), so I need to get moving!!  
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    I'm trying to exercise everyday or every other day!  Changing up my eating habits is a whole other animal!

    And it doesn't help that we are in the 'cake tasting' phase of our wedding planning either. =/  Good luck ladies!
  • I'm struggling big time with motivation to work out and eat right. I started a workout calendar again... I've started this thing literally a dozen times now and for one reason or another I always stop a little after the second week so I have mixed feelings of completing the 4th day yesterday...

    My problem with food is honestly partly my fiance (of course I am still the one who gives in). I could restrict myself and have done it but then I see him eating something awesome and I want it and then there goes my diet!

    I think I'm going to sign up for a color run 5k with one of my BMs and hopefully that will give me the motivation to actually complete the C25K too!

    We are in the cake tasting phase as well!
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  • I also have a fiance with awesome metabolism who eats whatever he wants, so it tempts me! haha. I've been pretty good with going to the gym daily (I HAVE to go in the morning, if I put it off and say I'll go after work, I'm tired and never end up going) and I've lost 15 lbs but still have another 20 or so to go before wedding time.
  • The struggle is real!  I'm in the cake tasting/dress finding phase and it is awful!
  • I re-started doing the Paleo diet (lost 25 lbs in 6 months a couple years ago), and I also FEEL really good when I'm doing it right (hair, skin, nails are all fabulous). I also started doing heated Vinyasa yoga, which is great for the bod and the mind!! :)
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