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Addressing invitations for legal guardians?

Hi! I'm working on addressing my invitations and I came across an issue I can't find an answer for. A close family friend has become the legal guardian of her special needs nephew. He is under 18 so I know I should include him on her invitation and not send his own. I'm just not sure how to include him. Since she is his legal guardian would I include him as is he were her child on the inner envelope only?
Ms. Friend's Name

Or should I include him on the outer envelope on a seperate line? They have different last names if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Addressing invitations for legal guardians?

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    How old is he? If he's a teenager, maybe give him his own invitation and his guardian her own invitation. If he's younger just address it to both of them like this:

    Ms. Sally Jones
    Mr. Joe Jackson

    If Sally has a SO, he or she should be invited as well.

    ETA: Sorry I  read this wrong. I thought it was your nephew, and you were asking how to invite his guardian as well. I'd just put both names on the outer envelope. 


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