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Reception DJ?

We are getting married October this year and having are reception at Maggianos 7.30-11.30pm.
We have around 30 people coming, suggestions have been made for a DJ or singer for the reception? I'm unsure as I hadn't given it any thought until now!

Have people had receptions here with a DJ or think it would make a big difference if we had one or not? Any opinions appreciated as I stuck with what to do!

Thanks ☺️

Re: Reception DJ?

  • I have booked DJ Godzilla for next month and he has raving reviews on here and is very affordable!
  • I am getting married in November and having my reception at Maggiano's.  I am using All Night Long Entertainment for a DJ as they are one of Maggiano's preferred vendors.  They have been great to work with so far and gave me a discount and threw in some free uplighting.  If you are having trouble meeting your room minimum with food and beverage you can charge the fee for the DJ through Maggianos and it will count towards your room minimum.
  • I will look into those. Thank you so much!

    Jdaigle how many people do you have for your reception?
  • I am not 100% sure since I am still quite a few months out, however I think we are aiming to have between 30-40.  We currently have the Calabria room booked, but we will probably be adding on the DiCarlo room as well (as they are connected) as the DiCarlo room has a dance floor, so we wouldn't have to end up renting one and I think with charging the DJ, flowers and cake through maggiano's we should be able to meet our minimum for both the DiCarlo and Calabria room (which i believe is $4200)
  • We have Dj Godzilla also booked for our Oct wedding as he is super affordable.
  • I think having a DJ is a good thing; it keeps the party moving between phases, keeps there from being silent periods, etc.  We had all night long; they were great.  Have heard nothing bug good things about DJ Godzilla too.

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  • We booked All Night Long for our Maggianos room too!
  • Thank you so much for the suggestions will look into all night long as I can put that to the room minimum.

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