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Hey everyone!

The new Knot is finally letting me post again, yay! So question time. I live in the US. I am sending invitations to Canada, Israel and Russia. I want to include return postage, but how do I do that since their countries don't accept our stamps? I don't want to be rude and leave the stamp off, do I include an email address as well? What did you all do? 


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    You can buy stamps from some countries at the post office. I know Canada for sure.

    I'm kind of lazy and don't trust everyone's mail, so we just printed out a little card and gave an email address for H's international family.  
  • Ditto above, just include an email address and/or phone number and ask them to contact you that way with their RSVP. We sent a bunch to England, and they've more or less just been contacting us by facebook to let us know.
  • That's what I figured, but hoped someone had a trick up their sleeve. I think Ill use a carrier pigeon or an owl.
  • I'll be honest, I was rude and didn't include return postage for my rsvps for my relatives in Europe. I'm not sure what the postage rates were there and to order stamps from there would have been a headache. However, I did have a card in my invites to our website that allowed for online RSVP. The few relatives that I invited talk to my parents on a regular basis so they actually ended up RSVP when they were talking to my parents.
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