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My fiance and I will be doing seed packets as one of our favors.  My mother-in-law (to be) passed away very suddenly at the end of January, and we wanted to do something for her.  She loved to garden, and we thought this would be perfect.

We are customizing blank seed packets, but I am so stuck for what to put on it.  Ideally, I would really like quote or saying for it; I just can't seem to find anything (if I am super stuck, we'll just use "let love grow," or something along those lines).  We'd love something that acknowledges her, without being so blunt.

Has anyone done something similar or have any ideas?
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Re: Seed Packet favors

  • I've been to weddings that have done exactly this - same saying and all.

    I'm sorry to say, but I took one to be polite and then threw it away when I got home. I think most people do their own gardening and have their own plans for what types of plants they want.

    If you want to honor your FI's mom with something flora related, why don't the two of you plant a tree in your yard? Or grow something at home? It doesn't need to be a giant spectacle at your wedding to be really special.

  • I've gotten seeds at weddings before...and I haven't planted them a single time.  They sit around for awhile until I throw them away.  How about sugar cookies with really pretty frosting in flower shapes?

  • I've gotten seeds at weddings before...and I haven't planted them a single time.  They sit around for awhile until I throw them away.  How about sugar cookies with really pretty frosting in flower shapes?

    Why would anyone want to eat a cookie with a frosting bandaid on it?? So weird. (I know you chose the example for the flowers, just questioning the decorator doing that.)

    Sorry, I don't have any helpful suggestions. I would probably also not plant the seeds though.

  • We didn't do seeds as favors, in fact we technically didn't have favors at all, but we did have herbal centerpieces (that my mom, sister and I planted and grew all summer before our wedding).  We had close to 150 planted herbs, and we literally had three left at the end of the wedding.  It wasn't technically a favor, but a lot of people took them home.  They were traditional herbs that people cook with like basil, cilantro, etc.  Maybe you could do something like that?

  • Thanks for the help, ladies! During the work day I thought it over and talked to my grade partner, who also suggested flower cookies.

    We are going to scrap the seed idea and go with the cookies, because who doesn't like cookies? Plus, our other favor is limoncello, so you need to wash it down with something!

    It's funny you mention planting something for her because a dear friend sent us an oak tree seedling (I suppose that's what it is? I don't have a green thumb, so I hope I don't kill this thing).
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  • Just wanted to say I have also gotten those seed packets before - haven't planted a single one.  I'm an apartment dweller with no access to a place to plant anything.  This would be wasted on me and I'm going to guess also wasted on any apartment/condo dwellers on your guestlist (or people who just plain old don't care for gardening - I have a black thumb).
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    I live in an apartment and have no place to plant anything. Seed packets don't work as favors for me.

    You don't need favors.
  • I sadly wouldn't be able to utilize them either :( I love the idea of planting a tree in her honor, though. It's a beautiful idea.

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    We did this kind of thing, but we only had a few guests (all of them like to garden) AND our ceremony was in a culinary garden, so this favor really fit the "theme" (but we did also have bags of cookies and candies as a take home favor, so these "packets" were more just like little thank you notes added to the favor bags. I also slipped them into our thank you cards that were sent out in reply to gifts that were given by people who did not attend the wedding.

    I thought they were cute, and for a total of about $12 I really gave no fucks if no one utilized them. I thought that they were cute so they were worth it to me!

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    Yeah....wtf is that bandaid? Love the flower cookies otherwise.
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  • Are those supposed to be Doc McStuffins cookies or something?? 
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