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Anyone know of any smaller venues for 100 guests while coming in at under $150pp?

Hi LI brides!

My fiance and I are both in Brooklyn. We would like to find a venue in Long island that is about 50 miles within Brooklyn (give or take). We have about 100 people for the wedding, and preferably would like a venue to do one wedding at a time. Our budget max is around $150 per person for Sundays any month May-Sept.

I know some of the grand halls have guest minimums, so this makes our search somewhat more difficult.

The venues in LI we have already visited are De Seversky Mansion and Inn at New Hyde Park. 

De Seversky was beautiful but very expensive. They quoted us $160 for Sundays plus a $3500 "site fee" (*** is that about even), as well as a 21% fee. Also they included NOTHING in that price either. No cake, no up-lighting, no decorations of any kind. So De Seversky is out because in the end it would equal to over $200 per person. The only good part was that you had the entire mansion to yourself the entire day!

Inn at New Hyde Park was okay, not on the nicest street but they offered $150 for Sundays during May. They also included a lot of stuff like cake, up-lighting and no 21% fee. I've read reviews that their food wasn't that great. And also we were told another party might be starting during our reception time. 

I would like to visit other venues that do 100 guest weddings on Sundays and do them 1 at a time, while still remaining in our $150 pp budget. (If that's even possible)

Any help would be extremely appreciated as I'm ready to pull my hair out from this search.

Re: Anyone know of any smaller venues for 100 guests while coming in at under $150pp?

  • Have you checked out Fox Hollow? They don't technically do 1 wedding at a time, but they are in completely different buildings and not even close. You don't even realize anything else is going on. We were big on the one wedding at a time too, and my fiance is the first person who complains when we go to a wedding and see another at the same venue. But we were there for an entire night at a wedding and he was shocked to find out the next morning another wedding went on at the same time.
    I have heard they are very reasonably priced, so it might be a good option!

    We are getting married at Majestic Gardens, in Rocky Point. Only 1 wedding at a time, but its much farther out east. We are  paying a lot under your budget for a Friday night, but we are having 150 people. 

  • Riviera in Massapequa
    Coral House
    Mansion @ West Sayville
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    I checked out The Cottage at Eastwinds for 100 people on a Friday or Sunday, and I'm pretty sure it was within your budget. They do more than one wedding at a time, but The Cottage was furthest away from their other "venues"
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  • Sorry this is so much later than your OP but in case you're still looking, Harbor Links  in Port Washington is lovely. My sister in law went there when they were searching and she said that for a smaller budget it is absolutely the best offer around. I don't know all the details as she did not end up choosing them (incidentally she went with De Seversky and they did a fabulous job, if you were able to stretch your budget). But it is worth a tour, for sure. Good luck!
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