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I've just found out I can book my wedding for August next year at Aria from now. I'm really excited but also being really indecisive I don't want such an important day to be messed up! I'm kind of looking for some encouragement from Aria brides to be or brides that were married there so I can calm this horrible anxiety. It came as a bit of a surprise that they would take the booking so soon! ☺ I think we are going to do the most basic package 'Fantasy' that Aria offers. I don't want loads of frills. Did anyone else use this package? Thanks in advice and sorry for all the questions on here
Anxious UK bride xx

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  • I would simply caution you unless you are FOR SURE that you want to use Aria. Aug 2016 is quite a ways away and leaves lots of room for you to change your mind. I know myself (and several others on here) have changed their minds MANY times....even up to a few months before the wedding. 

    Have you checked out other venues? Are you doing a scouting trip?
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  • That's my main problem. I cant go and have a look for myself. From a budget, pictures, reviews, family opinion point of view its everything we want. It looks modern and quiet individual. Its just literally the fact that I can't go and look at it myself. There is no way though that this will ever be an option. I'm actually a quiet anxious person as well so that doesn't help matters as I am always second guessing myself.

    We have had a look at the brochures for every other hotel and chapel you can think of and none of the others seem to fit right with everything. This one seems to be the one. Its a hotel that I can see myself staying in which is an important factor in making my decision. Its also fairly close to where I think I want to have the reception (at Wicked Spoon). I like the more Urban and modern feel that CityCentre gives off. Funny thing is to start with I wasn't even that interested in it because for some reason I just assumed it would be out of my budget (which it isn't).

    I do think in my heart this is the venue and that all this anxiety once I am there will have all been for nothing (I often worry incessantly over things). I am also a person that likes to have things organised and coming over from the UK is going to mean I have to be quiet organised.

    Any advice you have though would be great. I did see your scouting trip discussion and found it really helpful. :D
  • I am an Aria bride and I've had the opportunity to scout twice. It is a gorgeous chapel in a gorgeous hotel. I have had nothing but positive experiences thus far! Hope this helps!!
  • I got married at the aria a little over a month ago and it's FAB!! Great decision!
    As others have said are still so far out from your date anything could change. Hell, even new places could open!
    I highly recommend you watch some aria weddings online.
  • Thanks for advice. I kind of feel like I have been researching for a while now and am pretty certain on what I want. We have a date and time in mind as well which is pretty non negotiable. Its what my heart is set on. 

    I'm surprised everyone thinks 18 months out is a long time :D in the UK most weddings venues are booked at least this far out especially for summer weddings. I suppose that is probably more of a UK thing due to school holidays and weather etc.

    We do need to kind of lock something down so my guests can start to make their plans as well. Plus I think sometimes the uncertainty of something is worse then just deciding on something and going with it. I'm reassured by the other brides opinions on here of Aria weddings and it seems to be quiet a popular choice with a reasonable price. 

    Has anyone got some contact details for wicked spoon? I am finding it really difficult to find any for them (again trying to be keen and get some sort of idea of a rough budget). Slightly more complicated as I am converting £ to $! Argh!

    Having a full time shift work job is not helping my planning either ;) I am so glad that I found this board though it is by far the most helpful so thanks ladies xx
  • I'm from the uk too! We booked the aria for September this year in June 2014, I haven't once regretted this choice and the wedding co ordinators at the aria are very good with any questions, pricing for extras, marriage Liscence info etc.
    The only thing I would say is if you have your heart set on a photographer for a strip tour etc then make sure they are free on your wedding date before you book, I did this and am so glad I managed to get the photographer I wanted and the wedding venue for the same day.

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  • @laurenlozzy thank you for your advice. I am probably the worst bride ever and we have decided not to have professional photographs. 

    My sister got married in Mauritius and has some absolutely wonderful pictures that guests took. In fact I didn't even know that she didn't have any professional photography. We all have pretty decent cameras in my family as well so I hope this isn't going to be a huge error on our part but we are kind of trying to have it low key (no bridal or grooms party either).

    Thanks for the advice though. Are you staying at Aria also? 
  • I think if you are confident in your decision..then go with it! :) 

    Wicked Spoon has gotten lots of great reviews but the only con is communication and changing prices. Make sure you save emails or document calls as they are known to change prices. Do a search of the boards and you will find LOTS of info about Wicked Spoon (including some photos from myself and other brides). 
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  • Yeah I saw that on the forum. The space looks really lovely from your pics. We have kids who are fussy eaters so I've decided having a buffet is probably the safest option plus people can eat whatever they wasn't so I shouldn't get any complaints about the food choices. The kids also don't have to sit through course after course as well.
  • lauradean89 I'm getting married at Aria in May and looked at Mandalay Bay, Wynn, and the Venettian . What I liked about Aria is that your wedding is the only one there during that time. Other hotels have multiple weddings that may overlap in the other rooms. The chapel is beautiful! and the overall hotel is nice. I went with my Fiance and Sister and they agreed it was the right choice.  I'm using Magiannos for my reception. The private room has a reception feel and the linens are nice on the tables. The food is great and large portions. They also have a preferred vendors for floral and cakes. Hope that helps your decision.
  • Thanks @Knottie2282671 I feel the same way about Aria. I was worried about running into other people and I really love the idea of the chill out rooms for beforehand as well. They look beautiful. I really really love the space from the pictures. I much prefer that modern look that they have created to some of the more traditional spaces at the other hotel. I also think from their prices they are offering the right value for money (if anyone disagrees please let me know :D). 

    I am heart set on this place. I think it is exactly what we want. The more Im sleeping on it whilst I wait for Marcella to get back to me and chatting with my family the more I keep coming back to Aria. To be honest I am hardly even thinking about the other locations anymore.
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    Got married @ Aria 12/14, super happy with the experience.  Pro staff, great venue, reasonable pricing at the time.  YMMV regarding current pricing. 

    If you get the 1 BR panoramic sky suite to match, the experience will be exponentially better (in my biased opinion).  Words cannot describe - one of those "greater than the sum of it's parts" experiences. 

    Only con:  Cashman photography pricing. 
  • Hi! I am an Aria bride, 15th Sep this year! I have had it booked since Oct 13! We got engaged in Vegas & went looking at chapels then and fell in love with Aria, it is gorgeous! We are coming from Scotland so booked so far out so our guests had time to save. So far I have had a great experience with Marcela. You definately have nothing to worry about!

    We have chosen Mon ami gabi for dinner and will probably just hit the strip after. Having about 34 guests. I pretty much have did everything via email and had no issues so far. Booked Brianna for my hair & makeup.

    Dont worry...just enjoy the planning!
  • @nat2502‌ have you booked mon ami gabi? If so did you email? We are thinking of eating here after, there is ten of us altogether so won't need a private room. Any info would be helpful x
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  • Hi, yeh I have booked, have been emailing Drew Berry. Just filled out the group reservations form in the website & took it from there. I have booked the le caberet area, it is semi private with a view of the Bellagio fountains. There is a minimum spend & I had to pay a deposit but that is refundable should I have to cancel. Never actually eaten here but reviews are great!
  • hey - this has been really helpful. I was also thinking of the aria, cashman has me worried though and only thing stopping me booking them. i am from ireland and getting married sept 2016. want to book ceremony and photographers first and let the rest 'come what may' budget will decide the rest as will the amount of people who rsvp 
  • I think that Cashman pretty much has a monopoly on the Vegas hotel wedding venues. I am also considering Aria. The chapel is gorgeous. The hotel is a little too expensive for me though. I will have to stay at another location. 

  • madisonbh said:
    I think that Cashman pretty much has a monopoly on the Vegas hotel wedding venues. I am also considering Aria. The chapel is gorgeous. The hotel is a little too expensive for me though. I will have to stay at another location. 
    direct access to Aria from Monte Carlo. 
  • I have bitten the bullet and just confirmed my wedding with Aria for August 2016. In the end I just decided that not making a decision was more stressful then just deciding and running with it. I kind of think there is only so much research you can do before it starts to do your head in! Its like they say about wedding dresses don't try too many on or you will get confused!

    I just wanted to say thanks for everyone so far who has helped with feedback etc. Apologies in advance that I will be stalking this site even more from now on! :D 
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