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Finally back...

Didn't post and run! Due to a family emergency I haven't been around. So catch me up!  Did I miss anything good? Any drama that is a must read?

Side note, I was in a wedding over the weekend and the maid of honor fainted. Don't forget to drink lots of water on your wedding day ladies! And don't lock those knees.  This was a super long Catholic ceremony and for whatever reason the church was about 9000 degrees. We had been standing there for what felt like two eternities, and she just tipped backwards. I was able to catch her, and she's fine. (However psycho bridezilla gave her the cold shoulder for the rest of the evening). Food for thought my friends!

Re: Finally back...

  • jenjen047jenjen047 Boston member
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    Nothing crazy on my end! Hope everything is ok with you. Sounds like an eventful wedding, I can't believe the bride got upset about that! Jeez!
  • AlPacinaAlPacina Portlandia member
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    I can't think of anything particularly exciting that has happened around here recently. But I'm kind of lame and really don't remember how long you've been gone!

    I hope that you're doing alright after the family emergency.

  • Thanks ladies, things are good now.  One of my kiddos had to have surgery.  Hospitals are just not a fun place to be.
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