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Wedding in 2 months, help needed :)

Hi everyone, I'm new to the board but thank you all for all the information it has really helped me over the last week. My fiancé and I are getting married in 2 months time in Vegas and we only booked the wedding a week ago! We have been together for 12 years, and got engaged 2 weeks ago, and didn’t want to wait. It will be our first time in Vegas so I would really appreciate any advice you can give me.

We are getting married at the little church of the west at 3:00… and that’s all we know so far. Due to being from the UK and the short notice for guests, there will only be 6-8 people, which is all we really wanted.  What I was hoping for your help with is what we do after the wedding ceremony? I have looked at 2 options for the meal afterwards and wanted to get your thoughts…

Option 1 - a private dining room at Canaletto, do any of you have any experience of this? would you recommend this for your wedding day? It would be in one of the smaller rooms I think the San Marco which hold up to 10

Option 2 - the Chef table at Scarpetta at the Cosmo but it’s a $1000 minimum spend, so more expensive than Canaletto so not sure if it is worth the extra or if to go for Canaletto? but the views look really nice  at Scarpetta and its more modern, and I thought 6-8 of us with a 4 course meal plus champagne etc would probably come to the minimum anyway? Have any of you eaten there? do you think it would be worth the extra expense?

I was also hoping you may be able to help with what to arrange for our guests before the meal, as we will have a few hours in between the ceremony and meal? And also anything you would recommend for after? we will be finished for about 8:30 and will definitely want to go for drinks

Sorry for all the questions, my heads spinning I’m so excited

Re: Wedding in 2 months, help needed :)

  • annathy03annathy03 member
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    My sister got married at the little church of the west and it was lovely! I think you'll be happy with that choice :)

    For before dinner I'd maybe do a limo/party bus tour (I used AWG for H's 30th and getting me and the bridal party around on the wedding day- their smallest party bus is great and much easier to get in and out in a wedding dress than a limo is) with drinks.  You could stop at the sign (close to LCOTW) and hit a few places before your dinner reservations although I wouldn't have dinner any later than 6 and would try for 5:30 so people aren't going long without eating.

    I haven't been to either of those restaurants, but keep in mind with the $1000 minimum that it is probably a F&B minimum that you'll have tax and gratuity on top of, so you're really looking at more like $1300 minimum out the door.

    For drinks I usually recommend Mix, Chandlier, or Mandarin Oriental, but honestly it depends where you have dinner and where your guests are staying- I'd go with a bar close to the reastaurant or where people are going anyway.

    ETA: I'd used the 16 passenger limo coach which 2 years ago was $126/hr with fuel charge and suggested gratuity.

  • Ooooh what's your wedding date? We are 21st May and also from the UK! 

    We have a similar group size, and after our 3pm ceremony we are taking a limo to Cosmo to try get away with some photos and then to a Wraparound suite where we are having Masterpiece cater with heavy apps and then a photobooth coming too. Hubby and I will be hitting the strip after.

    The suite is costing $400 for the night (though we have it for 3) and Masterpiece are charging $500 total. Don't know if you'd considered an in suite reception at all?
  • Hi Both,

    Thank you both so much for your suggestions :)

    annathy03 - the tour bus sounds like really good fun I will look in to it, I think it would be great with it being our first time in Vegas. I am also relieved you think Little church of the west is a good choice, I have been a little nervous since booking it as there doesn't seem to be many reviews on here. I was also wondering if $1300 would be considered a lot for the meal? as I have no idea of what the prices are like in Vegas?

    finallymrsroberts - nice to hear from another UK bride! I am getting married on May 29th. The wraparound suite sounds amazing, can ask are you going to stay in the suite as well? or is it just booked for the reception?

    Thanks again for your help!
  • My parents have the suite for 3 nights, they are hosting the reception there. Hubby and I are staying at the Mandarin Oriental. Cosmo are making us a wedding cake too. 
  • For a wedding dinner recption $1300 isn't bad, you could certainly do something for less but the fanciest places would run more- it really just depends on your budget.  There's no right or wrong there, I just didn't want you to think it could be $1000 even and then be unpleasently surprised by the tax and gratuity charges.

    And yes, LCOTW is adorable, it doesn't hold a lot of people but with a small group that's nice because the place doesn't feel empty, you know?

  • annathy03  I am more than happy to pay $1300 for the meal as long as the place feels a little more special.  Is there any other restaurant venue you would recommend? also thank you for recommending  Chandlier it looks amazing, and great for photo's and would be really convenient if we do end up having a wedding meal at Scarpetta. Do you think we would need to book a table on a Friday night, or with there only being 8 of us do think we would be able to just turn up? thanks again for your help
  • I haven't been to those like I said, but they both look like good choices and it's a nice touch that you can get private dining- the special occasion places I tend to go on the strip have bigger private rooms with much higher minimums (like Joe's stone crab is great, but it was a 5k minimum for private dining so not good for smaller groups) or are off strip (Roy's hawaiian fushion was a 1200 F&B min if the menu is your taste).  For Chandelier you should be able to find a table just showing up, especially since I assume you'd be heading there after dinner which will still be on the earlier side.
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