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6 month engagement, am I crazy?!

Just got engaged on February 7! Yayyy!! Love my fiance to death and we've been dating for about 5 years. I've known that the engagement was going to happen because I told him last year that I would really like to get married this summer! The only problem is I didn't think he'd wait until February (thought he'd do it over Christmas or last Fall). Now, my mom (who is my main wedding planner :)) is all set for this summer wedding and is planning everything for August 29th. I keep going back and forth on if this is absolutely crazy to plan a wedding in 6 months or if it's going to be great! My mom is more than willing to help with all of the nitty gritty details and we already have my venue so it should be okay right? I really don't want to wait until summer of 2016, but 6 months just seems crazy.

Has anyone planned a wedding in 6 months? Am I crazy? Or do you think I can get it done and will be glad I didn't prolong the engagement? Please send your thoughts!!

Re: 6 month engagement, am I crazy?!

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    Not crazy at all. I've known people with shorter engagements. You just need to make a list of everything that needs to be done and stay on top of things. Congrats and happy planning!
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  • mikenbergermikenberger In a f'n cornfield member
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    If you can find a venue and other vendors, why not? Go for it! 

  • I was only engaged 6months and it was awesome.
  • mrscomposermrscomposer Mani-snow-ba member
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    My sister was engaged a hair under six months, and her wedding was gorgeous.

    We were engaged for four and a half months.  Our wedding was awesome.

    If you're organized, and not the type to agonize over decisions for ages - go for it! 

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  • CMGragainCMGragain member
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    I planned my own wedding in two months.  It can be done.
  • We got engaged Feb 4th and have the date set for 9/12.  So if you're crazy, so am I!  I think the biggest items to worry about for a quick wedding is the venue and the dress.  I bought my dress this past Saturday and it won't be here til July.  So far, the only thing I haven't been able to have was my first choice photographer as she was already booked that day.  But, plenty of others to choose from.  
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  • We have a 6-7 month engagement planned as well.  I want to have the wedding before open enrollment for my insurance this year...might as well be practical, right?  

    I agree with everyone, if you're organized, you should be able to pull of a great wedding in 6 months.  
    Best of luck to you!
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    I planned my first wedding in three months and I wasn't even rushed. Six would've been wholly unnecessary. 

    That said, mine was in October, before that became a big wedding month, so I almost completely had my pick of vendors. If you want summer, you're probably going to have to be super willing to compromise, because a lot of venues will probably already be booked. Get on top of that ASAP and you'll be fine. 
  • I thought that my 8 month engagement was pretty short, but now that the big stuff is done- I want it to be today! Waiting is the worst and everyday something annoying comes up and I fret more and more about details that in the end simply won't matter. If I could do it over again, I would have done a 4 month engagement like my friends is pulling off. 
  • Hey, finding a venue was the toughest part for me, so if you already have that out of the way, everything else should fall into place! Especially since you have your mom/planner's help. Good luck, and congratulations!

    I'm a year into a 15-month engagement, and now part of me is wishing we could have made it shorter. All I am doing now is worrying about little things and counting down the days!
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  • I am planning my wedding in 5 months. Engaged January 13th, wedding June 21st. We were both like f spending a year and a half being stressed over a wedding, lets do it this year! If you can get the venue and vendors, go for it! After a certain point, all you do is just add more crap you don't need and stress about it. Just make sure that you have either the helpers for DIY stuff, the budget for things you want, or you just want a no-fuss over the top wedding. 
  • I helped a friend do a wedding in 3 weeks. They had been together several years & engaged, a 2 year old daughter & finally decided to "make things legal." She borrowed a dress, her friends still fit into their BM from 2 years prior (they had planned to get married but then got prego so wedding was put on hold), everybody brought their CD's for a family friend to act a a dj, a cousin acted as bartender, and both sides of the family took care of the food. Probably not their dream wedding but it was fun, food was good, they had everyone they loved there with them.

    On the plus side of having only 6 months to plan, you have to make decisions and stick to them and just get things done. Once you have a venue and a dress, DJ & photographer the rest is all small details & easy. The venue & the dress are the hardest

  • I don't think it's crazy. But then I'm having a family only ceremony and getting married 4 months after getting engaged. It's all up to preference and making sure you give people enough notice if they will have to travel etc.
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