October 2015 Weddings

Just saying hello! 10/17/15

Hi October Brides!
Just wanted to hop on this page and introduce myself. I'm Laura, from Ohio, and I'm getting married on 10/17/15. 
Hope everyone is hanging in there and getting stuff done/not stressing about getting stuff done!

Re: Just saying hello! 10/17/15

  • Hi I am Carly currently living in Florida but the wedding is in NY on October 10th!
  • @crosen417 - I'm from Florida too and doing a destination wedding as well (Everyone else NOT from Florida is saying "why not?? Florida is great). My wedding is in Vegas on 10/5/15
  • @Adverb lol yeah people think I am crazy and think I shoudlve had it here.  Both of us are from there though and its just easier for us to fly there then a 100 people to come here.   Its crazy planning from afar though isn't it?  Vegas sounds very cool!
  • @crosen417 - Yes it's definitely hard planning from afar, although you have the advantage of having everyone mostly there, so that makes sense. I have no practical reason for getting married in Vegas, just that I've always wanted to. It also gives us the opportunity to keep our guest list low and have our dollar go further :)
  • Yeah no practical advantage for us..... lol NY is way more expensive.  Vegas sounds awesome though!
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