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Table cloth size question

Ok, I am not great at math and do not have easy access to various table cloth sizes and the tables at my reception, so I'm hoping you crafty brides will have a sense of this. 

My venue has 70" round tables. Smartyhadaparty has table clothes for the less than what I would pay to rent, so I am leaning towards buying table clothes (if I can sell them even at half of what they cost me, great, if not, I'll donate them to my local thrift store). The tables are basic plastic with metal legs so I want my table clothes to go down to almost the floor if possible (without a big mass of fabric on the floor). What size do I need? 120"? 132"? Is there some standard rule of thumb for figuring that out? I am also going to need some rectangular table clothes for cake table and whatnot and haven't found out what size their rectangular tables are yet. 

Re: Table cloth size question

  • You'll want to measure how tall the legs are. For example, my 60" round tables are 30" tall, so 30" + 30" + 60" = 120". My guess would be to go with the 132" for 70" tables, assuming they're the standard height of 30". Smarty has great quality products. For the rectangular tables it'll be the same equation, table top measurements + length to floor on each side.
  • I agree with the person above.  You will need to measure how tall the legs are for accuracy.  If you are able to easily access your venue, that is.  Maybe call and ask them if you are unable to?
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