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Is It Too Soon To Start Booking Anything?

I am getting married in 6/5/2016 I was wondering what is too soon to book any service? 

Re: Is It Too Soon To Start Booking Anything?

  • I'm getting married on 06/04/16 and have already started booking things. We were engaged on X-Mas eve (2014) and we booked our venue in late January. We also booked our DJ last month. Right now looking into photographers ( meeting with one in May) as we moved to PA last June and are getting married in our home state ( NJ) so we had to find a weekend that worked for both of us. But so far those are the only 3 vendors we have booked. Hopefully, I'll go look at bridal dresses in May/June.
  • I don't think that it's too soon to start booking anything! I'm getting married next year too (in July). When I booked my venue, the wedding coordinator was telling me that she's noticing that a lot more couples are booking at least 18+ months in advance. I would start booking now that way you can get the major things covered and not have to worry except for the minor details until you get closer to your wedding date! Good luck! :) 
  • I don't think it's too soon to start booking either.  I'm getting married in May 2016 and in the past two weeks I have booked my venue, photographer, and DJ.  I wanted to make sure the ones I wanted would be available. 
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