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Restaurant suggestions for a simple dinner reception?

Hi all, newly posting member after lurking for a while :)

I am thinking about doing the deed at City Hall, but then hosting a simple dinner reception for ~50 of our closest family & friends. No decorations, no dancing, no nothing - just a nice dinner. 

This should be simple enough to find, BUT, the one thing I would really like is a private room that will allow me to connect to a sound system and play something from my ipod or computer :P Other than that, I think we would just use their food and everything, and keep it super simple. We are definitely hoping to keep total cost for ~50 people down to under $5000. We would be looking at a Saturday, most likely summer but TBD.

There are a lottttt of restaurants in NYC, and I'm not sure how to sift through them all to find which will have that option. Any ideas on how to get started? Or any direct suggestions? 

Thanks :)

Re: Restaurant suggestions for a simple dinner reception?

  • I'm doing the same thing in October and there are no resources for it. The best I can offer is to look up restaurants with private rooms on Yelp. Your budget for that amount of people in NYC on a Saturday will definitely be difficult, as everything I see seems to be $8000 and up. Try The Meatball shop on the UES though. They have a $3500 minimum, however there's no private sound system.

    I will likely be doing mine at Crave Fishbar, for the same amount of people it's going to be round 8000 with tax and tip!

    Good luck!

  • Open Table can filter out those restaurants with private dining spaces for you in their search function.Some that have come up during my search - Bacchus Bistrot, Juliette, Frankies 457, Woodland, Flatbush Farm all in Brooklyn. Alobar in Queens and Landmarc or Locanda Verde in Manhattan. 

    Even if a restaurant has no private dining space, it doesn't hurt to ask if they can accomodate your party. 
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