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Sephora for day-of-makeup?

I've been looking at Vegas based MUA's but I've also been considering just going to Sephora the day of for my makeup. They have a program there where they can give you a complete makeover, you just have to buy $50 worth of product (this can be anything - including a giftcard). I am doing a scouting trip in May, and my plan was to go to a Sephora, find a MUA I like, and book her for my wedding in October. If I do this, which Sephora do you think will be the easiest to get in and out of from the MGM grand via a car? My wedding will be in the MGM Balcony Terrace Suite.

Also, some background - I do not plan on wearing a lot of makeup the day of since I am not a regular makeup wearer and want to keep it natural. I also figured if I have to spend for someone to come out, might as well get some product. I know it will be a little bit of a hassle to go there and come back, but other than that.. does anyone see any other potential flaws?

Re: Sephora for day-of-makeup?

  • The closest Sephora I know about is in Planet Hollywood. I think this is really risky since you won't have a trial and the person may have other people and can't dedicate time to you. 
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  • @hmgiffor Thanks. My understanding is you book an appointment specifically with that person.
  • This is interesting! how did you hear about the program, @adverb ? any links or anything you can share? Thanks for mentioning it! I can totally see the value in walking away with a few products you like and your makeup done for your big day, especially if you are going for a natural, light makeup look. 
  • Hey @aakalish18 , I've been popping in out and of sephora over the past few months experimenting with makeup looks for my wedding. I knew they offered a makeover, but never thought about it until the most recent time I went and the lady told me about how people use them all the time for wedding makeup. You can stop in any time for a mini-makeover (where they focus on one part instead of a full on makeup application).

    You can read more about here:

    The thing is you do have to spend $50 but it can be on anything, not necessarily makeup. You can even buy a giftcard. 

    You also wanna make sure you get someone you like, which is why I plan on stopping in May on my scouting trip to potentially pick someone out.

    Also, you do have to physically go to the store, whereas you have the luxury of them coming to you the day of for the wedding. Still not sure what I'm gonna do but I'll figure it out :)
  • I know MAC has the same type of service.
  • There's a Sephora in the Caesars mall too; not sure if it would be easier to get in and out of as I'm not familiar with the PH location.

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  • I think the Sephora at Planet Hollywood is right at the entrance of Miracle Mile Shops. It's a flagship store and I know it has a HUGE floor.
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