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Bahamas Weddings ?? 2014 & 2015

Just wanted to know who are planning thier weddings In The Bahamas and what they have planned so far?

Re: Bahamas Weddings ?? 2014 & 2015

  • I'm trying to plan a wedding in the Bahamas for Feb/Mar 2015.  I haven't nailed anything down yet, but I'm falling in love with Abaco and Eleuthera.  However, it's difficult to narrow down.  What are you thinking?
  • I'm looking at the Cloisters on Paradise Island, I originally wanted the Versailles Gardens but the requirements for it were out of my budget. I'm still getting info & emailing with Atlantis coordinators but not sure If I may just go the "ceremony" route to avoid some of the red tape with legalities. Have you checked out anything yet
  • I am planning wedding for July 2014 at Riu Paradise Island. Travel agent has been helpful for guests and all-inclusive resort has wedding coordinator to help with ceremony details.
  • I'm getting married in June in Nassau and I'm using Anne Marie Williams with Weddings in the Bahamas. She has been FABULOUS so far! She is extremely responsive, has tons of different packages and they are all customizable. I sent her a list of all the things I wanted and she created a package that fit me that was within my budget!
  • thecatcharmer76 The legalities in the Bahamas to get married are pretty simple to meet.  You have to be there 24 hours before you can request a marriage certificate, and wait 24 more hours to get one.  We just went to Nassau with our hotel coordinator, turned in a paper, and our hotel coordinator picked up the certificate when it was ready.  PAINLESS! 

    BTW, we were married at RIU on Paradise Island - it is right next door to Atlantis but is all inclusive so it saved us a ton of money!  Happy Planning!
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    I am getting married in the Bahamas on Saturday and can answer just about any questions. I am also using Anne Marie with Weddings in the Bahamas. She has been great to work with. @Rainmaker79 who is doing your hair and makeup?
  • @NolaBeachBride - I don't have the name of who is doing my hair/makeup. I hope you had a BEAUTIFUL wedding. Where did you have your ceremony? Reception? I would love to get your feedback as my wedding is with Anne Marie in June and I'm eager for it to come!
  • @Rainmaker79. Anne Marie was amazing to work with. I would say everything went as planned. I just had a basic package with her and did some things on my own because I was able to save quite a bit of money. We had our ceremony at Sunrise Beach Villas down from Atlantis and our reception was at Luciano's. The food at Luciano's was AMAZING!! We had a small group and we used a taxi service that was so cheap that took us to and from different restaurants. I will give you my e-mail address and please feel free to ask me any questions. I can also give a ton of suggestions too. 
    My e-mail is [email protected]
  • Hi!! I have decided to do a cruise and marry while in port in the Bahamas. Any suggestions on affordable locations for a small (15-20 person) wedding?
  • Everyone seems to love Ann Marie.  A contact number / email for her?

  • @rredstick9 - Anne Marie has a website: http://www.weddingsinthebahamas.com

    You can find a toll free phone number as well as an email address. She was extremely prompt getting back with me when I called. She spoke with me for quite some time and gave me LOTS of great information even before I paid her a deposit.

    I think she calls back from a Skype or Google number as it appears as a US phone number, not one from the Bahamas, so my cell has never been charged an international rate. 
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     the Cloisters on Paradise Island, and the Versailles Gardens but im also using Anne Marie.

  • @bseasebey - I am looking into almost the exact same thing - cruising to Bahamas and getting married there! So if you find any info, let me know.  My aunt has a travel agent and she is getting info so I can pass along anything to you also.
    We are hoping to do a small beach ceremony with us two and our combined 3 kids. Anyone else that wants to go on the cruise can do so at their expense.

  • I looked at the altantis, their wedding packages seem overpriced.

    But staying there is a good deal.

    And if you plan to have a reeption for more than 15 people, they charge a minimum of 150 pp for food.

    So if you do decide, i would suggest a reception somewhere else.

    Me and my bf are trying to elope thee (just the two of us), so if anyone has any ideas for budget friendly packages and resorts that are not too expensive that would be nice.

  • We've decided on Compass Point. And my small group has risen to 55 people! The cruise leaves next Aug 31st. I'm so excited.
  • I am in the very VERY early stages, but leaning towards the Bahamas. Any info is appreciated. I will defnintely check out that website! 
  • We are doing Bahamas in November 2015 at The Melia Resort on Cable Beach. The wedding coordinator there is so amazing just only having dealt with her via email for the past 5 months. We are excited and so far she had made it an easy process with planning. We are also getting a "site inspection" discount for a visit this Paril to check out the place and we got a free room upgrade. We are doing all inclusive and planning a party of about 25-30 guests with no wedding party. Let me know if you have any questions about Melia!
  • Hi there! Congrats!!!!
    We are 6 days into our engagement and I'm already overwhelmed beyond belief. I have looked at Melia's website but have no specific info on them- like their pricing for reception meals/drinks/food and beverage minimums/reception venue options/etc. Do you have any of this?
    We are looking at the ceremony being at the Cloisters... possibly. I appreciate ANY help you could give me :)
  • @Jells2dot0 - zombie?

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    Thanks @southernbelle0915


    @jillyabbott the original post was made in Feb 2014. If you'd like more up to date advice, I recommend starting a new post.


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