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Any other destination brides having trouble with preferred vendors?

I absolutely CANNOT get the preferred DJ to respond to my request for a quote.  After several days, he wrote back asking me the number of guests I'm having (what, do you charge for music by the ear?), but after I told him, I got nothing.

I waited a week until yesterday morning and write again asking if he had been able to put together a quote yet, but still, no response.

It makes me extremely angry that I'm required to pay a $500 fee to the resort if I choose someone else #1 because that's BS and #2 because I ran into this same problem a couple months ago with the preferred photographer and I think that they have this attitude like "nobody is gonna throw away money to hire someone else, so I'll get to them when I get to them."

I don't know what to do.  I don't feel like I should have to throw away $500 because this guy is a shmuck, but I don't feel like I should ahve to hire someone with lousy customer service, either!

Re: Any other destination brides having trouble with preferred vendors?

  • Do you have a local planner? Have you complained to him/her? I agree, it sounds like they figure you won't go anywhere else so they can put in minimal effort, but I'd also hope they do a good job since your venue prefers them. As frusterating as it is, I'd probably wait and keep badgering them for a response.
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