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Nevada-Las Vegas

Save the dates and invites

How far out did you send the save dates? And then when did you send actual invites? 
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Re: Save the dates and invites

  • I sent my invites out 10 months in advance and invites 6 months out. Some thought it was too early to send them out.
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  • We sent STD's at one year, after already setting up our wedding website with links to smartervegas and other coupon sites, so that people would be able to immediately begin watching for prices they liked.  I think we hit the sweet spot on best coupons in somewhere around the 6 to 8 month out range.  People who booked with less than three months to go paid a LOT more.

    We sent invites I think around six months with a long reply time, I think maybe ten weeks since it didn't really matter from the restaurant's perspective until about six weeks out, so that gave us a few weeks to call anyone who didn't respond.

    Married old Las Vegas hag groom - June 2011

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  • My wedding is in October. Sent out the STD 10 months in advance (almost immediately). I'll probably send out official invites 4 months out when we finalize everything. We will give people 2 months to RSVP and open it up to the B List if we don't hear from them.
  • adverb said:

    and open it up to the B List if we don't hear from them.

    My only advice, if you're not joking, is don't mention that anywhere else on the knot; the reaction to B list posts is generally not particularly friendly.

    Married old Las Vegas hag groom - June 2011

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  • We sent STDs 10 months out and invitations 4.5 months out.
  • We aren't sending save the dates as that's quiet an American thing and not really hugely widespread in the UK yet (so not necessarily expected).
    But we are sending invites out a year before with links to our wedding website. We are only inviting close family anyway so everyone knows our date is booked and has known roughly that we would be getting married in aug 2016 since we got engaged last year.
    We are lucky it's just family and it is a transatlantic flight so actually invites a year out is good for flights as the closer you get to the wedding date the more people will be spending or they will risk not being able to secure a flight at all.
    Also requesting leave from work as most people are having their actual summer holiday at the same time and moving on somewhere else. August is big holiday season in the UK as the schools are out for the whole month. I did toy with the idea of save the dates and the more I thought about it the more it seemed like just another piece of paper that people would file in that pile of stuff we all keep on the side and still would forget or moan.
    Again our guest list is 11 households and all are close family so I can give them a bit of a kick up the bum if needs be without causing too much offense.
    I think this is such a hard one because no matter what you do there is always going to be those people who wanted different notice etc or are just a bit flakey. I am never not going to reply to an invite again as its flipping irritating.
  • We sent Save the Dates at one year out, and invitataions at 3 months out.  We had our RSVP date at one month from the event.
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  • We sent Save The Dates out around 6 months, and invitations at 8 weeks with an RSVP date of 3 weeks before (normal non-destination timeline is 6-8 weeks out with a RSVP date of 2-3 weeks out, and while Vegas was a destination for many of our guests it wasn't for us).

  • We sent the Save the Dates 6 months out and plan to send the invitations 2 months before our wedding. :)
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