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Father Daughter Dance! Help!

Ok So im having a very tough time finding a perfect song to dance with my Dad. Ive found some but really need an opinion. I really dont want to ask my dad, id like for it to be a surprise.
Please give me your opinion on which one you think is better.

Es mi Nina Bonita- Lucho barrios
Para tu amor- Juanes
Cuando yo queria ser grande- Alejandro Fernandez
No me voy- OV7

Re: Father Daughter Dance! Help!

  • Hello -

    I don't know those songs, but im my opinion this should be a personal decision and not a vote.  You should pick a song that has meaning to you and your dad.  Maybe a song that your dad and mom likes.  There are so many playlists with commonly played songs.  I tried to avoid those list and pick songs that made us unique and thoughtful.

  • We got married Sept 2011, father/daughter dance was Mi Nina Bomita by Vicente Fernandez, loved the lyrics.
    TTC Jan 2011, me: 30, DH 32. Unexplained IF. Aug 2012- Bravelle/Ovidrel, IUI 08/21, IUI 08/22= BFN. Feb 2013: Bravelle/Ovidrel, IUI 02/20, IUI 02/21= BFN.
  • The traditional one is mi ninia bonita
  • Just got married 2 months ago. We also used "My Niña Bonita." My mom actualy sang it live, but I love the Vincente Fernandez version.
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