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Hello All, My fiancé and I are seriously considering booking our wedding at the G.F. Ballroom by Marquee Events in Hartford. I was wondering if anyone has attended or had their wedding there. Any suggestions, insight, or advice will help! Thank you :-)

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  • I haven't but I google it and the place looks amazing. Very elegant.
  • I am checking it out tomorrow!!
  • Thank you ladies for responding! Knottie52639534 I hope you enjoy looking at it, let me know if you like it! My fiancé and I decided to book it for April 2016! We sign our contract next week and are so happy and excited with our choice! We have been corresponding with Darren and he has been amazing so far!!
  • I had my wedding there on June 14th. It was amazing! People raved about the food. Not to mention how gorgeous the place is and all the history behind it. 
  • @Teresa2328 I am so happy your wedding was amazing! Congratulations!! We actually signed our contract on the 13th and they were setting up the table for the wedding the next night. It must have been yours!' How was your experience working with your coordinator and the venue?? Do you have any good vendors you recommend?
  • Oh wow that is so funny!! Yeah, we were the only wedding there that weekend so it had to be ours. Who did you work with, Laura? We used Chimirri's for our wedding cake and thought they were so much better than Modern. We used CJC Lighting for uplighting and I'd highly recommend them. I guess some of the vendors may depend on where you live and how far you want to travel for meetings as well. SugarPlumns in Plainville does amazing work on everything from invitations to menus, save the dates, table numbers, eating cards etc. Overall the whole experience was great with them. There were a few little things here and there that got lost in the shuffle, for instance they forgot to put out our personalized napkins for cake, they only put them out for cocktail hour. But I'm sure things like that happen everywhere, for the most part things were perfect and I was thrilled with the venue. 
  • I couldn't help but notice this discussion! I also just booked the Gershon Fox ballroom for an April 2016 wedding! :)  I'll be working with Laura to coordinate everything.
  • Exciting! I love this venue! What is your date? I'm getting married April 30th 2016!
  • We are having our wedding at the GFOX in August 2015. It's a beautiful and unique venue and I also loved the history and the Art Deco/Old Hollywood style. It's so pretty that you almost don't need to do much with decorations. We had our food tasting and picked out our menu and the food is amazing! Everything was delicious! Also, Laura is an amazing wedding coordinator to work with. She is so friendly, super responsive, and a complete pleasure to work with! It is also very convenient that the hotel is right next door for out of town guests.
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