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September 2015 Weddings

Labor Day Weekend Wedding

So I am recently engaged, 2 weeks, and already have a venue that I love and want to book.
We looked at the place this weekend and they have the Friday of Labor Day weekend available, September 4th.
I am far too anxious to wait until 2016.  I have been with my fiancé for 5 years and have practically known him my entire life.

I am getting some mixed reviews from family members about the date being that it is a Friday, no less a Friday on Labor Day weekend.
I normally wouldn't mind getting married on a Friday considering its significantly less than Saturday, however I am concerned that a lot of people will not come.
Most of my family and friends are local to the venue, however we do have family that would be traveling out of NYC.
My fiance's brother and his family ( 6 children!) live in California and they are giving us some grief about the cost of plane tickets that week.

Is it too much to ask those people to request off on a Friday or leave early from work in order to make the wedding?
Church would be around 3-4:00 ( fully knowing a lot people will not be attending because of the date and time ) and cocktail hour to begin around 6:00.

Feedback?  Anyone else in this situation?

Re: Labor Day Weekend Wedding

  • My wedding is Saturday, 9/5 of the Labor Day Weekend 2015. I do understand about the cost and that is something I probably should have thought about more but the date is signed, sealed, and delivered now.  It is what is.  

    I have a mix of local and OOT guests. For your OOT guests I would give as much heads up as possible so they can plan and save accordingly.  Those who really want to be there both local and OOT will be no matter the holiday. Honestly when I chose the date I thought it was perfect as it would gives guests an extra day for themselves after the wedding or they would take the Friday off and get a really long weekend.  I know for myself I would be fine with being invited to a wedding taking place on a holiday weekend but that is just me.  

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  • arrrghmateyarrrghmatey
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    Unfortunately, this is what happens when you have OOT guests and you book a wedding date on a holiday weekend, especially one right around the time that school starts, which may make some people more hesitant to travel with their children across the country.

    One of my sisters, who will also be in the wedding, will be traveling with her husband and 4 kids. While they haven't brought up a money issue, I understand that it will be hard financially on them. I'm doing what I can to help soften the financial blow to them (i.e. we're letting them stay in our house while they're here rather than have to get a hotel, since my FI and I want to stay in a hotel for a couple of nights, anyway). 

    And in regards to the Friday wedding/workday: we are also getting married on a Friday. I mentioned this to all of my bridesmaids when I asked them to be in the BP, and some friends who will be attending and no one seemed to have an issue. A couple of people actually said they would rather take a half day on Friday as opposed to taking a Monday off (following a Sunday night wedding) or attend a wedding right in the middle of their weekend (on a Saturday). But I wouldn't *ask* people to take a half day on Friday--let that be up to them. 
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  • bellefemme12bellefemme12
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    I briefly considered a Friday Labor Day weekend wedding.  If you are in the NYC area, I'd strongly advise against it.  

    1.  Traffic is horrible that day at all times of the day b/c many people take half days to get out of town.  I attended a Friday Labor Day weekend out in CT a few years ago and I sat in traffic for almost three hours.  I barely saw the end of the ceremony and I gave myself almost a two hour buffer to ensure I got there on time.

    2.  Depending on what your family and friends do for a living they may be pretty damn tired on a Friday, half day or no half day.  And not be fun to party with...

    3.  OOT guests will probably have to fly in on Thursday night if they're in the wedding party for the rehearsal dinner.  

    I wouldn't do it...I know it costs less but it's a hassle.  I'd rather a Sunday wedding during Labor Day Weekend so I can have the Monday off and have the option of flying in on a Saturday so airline prices may be less.  JMO.
  • We are getting married on September 4, 2015 at 5:30 pm.  We fully committed to that date knowing some guest may not be able to make it due to it being a Friday and Labor Day Weekend.  However, the venue and reception is at a reduced fee allowing us to include more guests.  The weather will be nice and it will be a great way to start of the Labor Day weekend.

  • Our wedding is Monday September 7th and a lot of our guests love the idea. It's a day most of them already have off and the ones that don't love that now they have a reason to take it off. Plus, everything is so inexpensive. Most vendors aren't booked on Mondays and have even given us great deals because it's on an off day for them and there isn't any demand.
  • Our wedding is Saturday 9/5 in Johnstown, PA, but there is only one person on our guest list that would even have to purchase a plane ticket. And things are definitely cheaper that weekend!
  • Our date is set on  9/5/15  for 4pm in the afternoon and I personally love the idea of it being Labor Day Weekend.... Alot of our family that are students that normally wouldn't be able to attend because of having to rush back to school or work thought it worked perfect for them.  I agree with the above poster... if they want to be there they will be!  Labor day weekend or not
  • We're getting married Sunday, 9/6 and so far I've heard nothing but good feedback on the date selection. Most of our guests have off on Monday so it's basically the same as a Saturday wedding. We also booked our block of hotel rooms 16 months in advance so the rate is extremely affordable. Plane tickets are definitely the hassle, but only one of my guests so far has said they are coming in alone instead of paying for his wife and 3 kids. Those who want to be there will make every effort to be there! All in all, I think it's a great weekend to get married!
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