March 2016 Weddings

Hello :)

Well I keep lurking around hoping someone else will post, but I finally decided to be that someone!

FI proposed in early November and we have a place tentatively reserved for the 12th of March 2016 in central Florida.

Confession: I already got a dress haha

Looking forward to meeting other March brides!

Re: Hello :)

  • minksterweddingminksterwedding JACKSONVILLE, FL member
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    oh my goodness that's my wedding date too! north east florida! congrats! what kind of wedding are you planning??
  • That's so awesome!
    Smaller, under 100 guests, outdoor ceremony, barn hopefully the most non- cliche way possible haha.
    How about you?
  • minksterweddingminksterwedding JACKSONVILLE, FL member
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    very similar! under 100, everything outdoor, haven't found location yet :/ i think i'm being too picky. I think a noncliche barn wedding is totally doable! Maybe some pretty chiavari chairs and hanging lights!
  • Haha I am anxious about visiting venues in person. I love them online but I'm afraid I'll nitpick once I'm seeing it for real!
  • minksterweddingminksterwedding JACKSONVILLE, FL member
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    lol see i'm the opposite! i keep nitpicking online but everyone says when you see them in person it changes....
  • I'm a March 2016 bride too! Same date, March 12th...we were engaged on 1/1/15
  • Congrats! Apparently it's a popular day!
  • Hello!  Not 100% sure yet, but we're discussing eloping to Hawaii.  Or maybe just having a private wedding since FH keeps telling people the plan.
  • Hi all :) March 18th bride to be. We are going to Vegas for our wedding, which is where he proposed. Very small wedding of about 30 people.
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  • edited February 2015
    Hi everyone! Our date is March 25th :D The venue is local(ish) and I've already panned out the guest list (58 right now, hoping to round it down to 50 but we're prepared for everyone to show just in case), seating,wedding dress, color scheme, bridal party, and possibly the BM dresses.

     Pretty sure some things may change but I figure narrowing it down early helps and FI wants to be involved more and I don't want to take that away from him. Hard to stop looking, though!
  • Hey everyone! Our date is March 12th, 2016 in Iowa! We got engaged last September! Next March feels like its not coming soon enough.
  • Hi Everyone, just got engaged February 23, and I will be getting married on March 19, 2016 in Mexico, 150 of my closest friends and family on the beach, looking forward to any tips and advice, I have two questions so far, How soon do you let your bridesmaids know? and How soon do you start the dress shopping?? 
  • Hi Everyone,

    We got engaged in November, and our wedding is March 5th. I am trying to DIY as much as I can, including all of the invites, decorations, jewelry, etc. so I am thankful that I still have a year to get everything done.
  • Hi All,

    We just got engaged in February and just booked our venue for March 20 2016!  We live in New Jersey at the beach so we will be doing a beach themed wedding, with approx.. 100 guests.  We will be DIY as much as we can!

  • So exciting! We haven't picked a date! All ideas on the table.
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    Can't wait!
  • melpapsmelpaps New York member
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    @knottie61024715 right there with you! FI is a larger family so we'll be at 175 (ouch), but got engaged last june and are doing march 20 in long island on the beach! he's from nj, i'm from li and we love the beach. doing lots of DIY - what are some of your projects?
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  • @goin2vegas How fun!  I'm getting married March 20th, and we're actually from Vegas, but fleeing it for our DW in Mexico!  We were originally thinking Vegas, but since almost everyone in our family would have to travel to us anyway, we decided on a beach wedding.  There are some great venues in Vegas, though!  Just fyi, if you haven't already decided and were considering off-strip, both the Smith Center and Springs Preserve are BEAUTIFUL.  Also, if you REALLY wanna go off the reservation, Lake Las Vegas is really nice too - but it's kind of far out there.  Best of luck with your wedding planning!

    @melpaps I'm March 20th, too!  Long Island weddings are gorgeous...that's where my cousin got married!  
  • @maramqz I'm getting married the day after you, also in Mexico!  We're inviting about 150, but thinking actual attendance will be more like 70.  As far as letting bridesmaids know, I've already asked a couple of my in-town bridesmaids, but I'm waiting until this summer when I can see a couple of others in person to ask them.  Give them plenty of heads-up for a DW though...

    I haven't started dress shopping yet, but I'm thinking summer, mainly because I'm a teacher and I just have more time to do stuff then.  But I say, if you're ready to start shopping now, go for it!  Best of luck!
  • @melpaps Same date and same theme!  Pretty close as well we are in New Jersey and live at the Jersey Shore.  I saw you are doing lots of DIY, I am too there are tons of things in pinterest I'm thinking of DIY something like this for the centerpieces.  Beach themed centerpiece at a reception in the Living Seas Salon in Walt Disney World's EPCOT theme park
  • @melpaps are you getting married on the beach?  I wanted to so bad but I'm scared it will be too cold!
  • Hi all! March 5th in Las Vegas (just the two of us), followed by honeymoon in Disney Orlando and a few days in Miami.
  • Hey Everyone :) 

    March 7 (yes it's a Monday) in Las Vegas, 50 people, definitely not your average wedding theme-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and a honeymoon at Disneyland in CA. Very similar @nicemarmot :)
  • That sounds awesome, @naynay1985
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