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Wedding Insurance?

I didn't know which board would be appropriate to post this in, so I picked one. Anyone took out wedding insurance? And if so, what company did you go with?

Re: Wedding Insurance?

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    Our venue required us to have insurance to cover any incidents. We went with 

  • We went with wedsafe. Our philosophy was that if we were spending that money on anything else we'd insure it so it made sense.
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    Our venue had an insurance company they recommended (they only work with certain types of venues, and ours was one of those).

  • Like, event liability insurance? Or cancellation insurance? Our venue is covered for liability purposes, but we're actually getting the cancellation insurance as we're both military, and well...ya just never know. But we went through a company recommended by our venue.

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  • Hi,

    we are US resident but will get married in Croatia ( Europe, where my wife is from).
    I'm looking for a Weeding insurance but so far all the insurances i found are only covering US/ UK and a few islands here and there.

    Any advise on a wedding insurance covering more counties ?
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