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RSVP whoops!

Alright, so. It took my fiance and I way longer than it should have to pick invitations. Nothing really seemed to fit our style and we just struggled. So when we FINALLY found one, it was like Christmas. We took our time adding little details and making them as personal as possible and loved them! About 4 hours after placing our order, we realized we totally forgot to add a "RSVP by" bit to our RSVP or Details card (stupid wedding brain!!). Zazzle is really amazing, but they can't change anything once an order has been processed, which ours had been by then. Sending them back for a reprint at this point seems like a waste of time (our wedding is July 3), but adding something in handwriting or on a piece of paper seems in bad taste to me.


Re: RSVP whoops!

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