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North Carolina-Outer Banks

Any vegan caterers??

Hi everyone, I have begun the wedding process for a September 9th (most likely) 2016 wedding at "The Dream" house in Corolla. My fiancé and I are having fun looking into ideas and started contacting different vendors and we have been stumped at finding a caterer that would do an all vegan wedding menu. Does anyone know if there is any restaurant or caterer in the Outer Banks that would work with us in planning a vegan-friendly menu for our guests (most of which are meat eaters so need to make sure it is super yummy vegan food!). Thank you to anyone that helps us with this! This is our wedding and this is one thing I am not budging on - I will not be providing meat to my guests so that is why I want to make sure I find a great company to work with! 


Re: Any vegan caterers??

  • I can't think of a particular vendor off-hand that primarily focuses on vegan, but I am sure that any caterer can help you come up with a menu that works.

    Even though it is your wedding day, your reception is a thank you to your guests for sharing in your vows and your wedding day as a whole, therefore, your guests should be hosted properly. why do you not want to provide meat to your guests? Other than the obvious being that you and FI choose not to eat meat, is there something else more here? Like the smell of it repulses you? Your guests are more than likely taking time off work, booking hotels for a long weekend, covering travel expenses and getting you a gift on top of it and they should be hosted properly. I'm not being mean or snide, just honest. Maybe do a split menu with vegan options and meat options? Just something to consider....


  • Agreed with OBX. I would suggest having a variety of options available for everyone.
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  • We're having a 100% vegan wedding in September this year and are using Dawn's Kitchen. I can send you the menu we came up with together if you'd like. :)
  • No, we're good on the menu, but thanks. We hosted our reception with a menu that ensured all of our guests were well fed, vegan included......especially since they were taking time off of work, renting hotels, traveling, etc, to share in our day. I would've been very upset to discover after our wedding that several of our guests left feeling hungry and hit the drive thru on the way back. Luckily, that didn't happen bc we fed them quite well, vegan included.


  • Please make sure you keep all of your guests comfort in mind when planning your reception and menu. These people have taken time off work and traveled to spend this day with you, take care of them.
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