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Nevada-Las Vegas

In suite Vegas ceremony & reception- tips much appreciated

Hi all,

My fiancee and I are getting married August 2015 in Las Vegas. At first we thought we'd get married at the Grand Canyon, but our plans changed due to # of guests. So now we are thinking of having a ceremony and reception in a hotel suite. Any ideas of which hotel has a suite that can comfortably fit 20-30 people? We have our mind set on a ceremony on a balcony during sunset, and in-suite wedding reception. So far I've thought of the following
  • Hard rock hotel- Pool villa suite
  • MGM Marquee suite or Terrace suite
  • Any idea on which is better? any other options?
For the ceremony, I thought of renting chairs, a small silk rose petal aisle runner, and wireless mic. So, I'm not worried about hotel decorating because I've very creative.

Another thing, my fiancee and his sister have a rare blood disorder where they can't eat too much fat, so we hope to bring our own food. Too much fat can send them to the hospital. His mom knows how to cook taste-y meals that contain little to no fat- so preference to having a hotel where you don't have an obligation to use their catering services. As well, if we can bring our own soda and alcohol beverage that would be amazing.

Also, any recommendation on officiants? So far I thought of Angie Kelly's- Peachy Keen Unions- of course if she's available.

Thank you so much xo

Re: In suite Vegas ceremony & reception- tips much appreciated

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    I have moved this to the Vegas board so you can get the best answers to your questions.
  • I don't know much about the suites....so no help there. 

    For officiants, Rev. Roland has gotten great reviews! We are using him on the 11th :) 
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  • Avoid the MGM Skyline Terrace suites if you're wanting to prep your own food. You might be better looking at the suites at Trump or the Cosmo, where you actually have a fridge and an area to prep.
  • I second @xoeden suggestion of the Cosmo wraparound suite. There is a full size fridge (half of it is taken up by the mini-bar, but you can pay $25 to have that removed), a microwave, an oven, and a small dishwasher. There are no supplies though. No plates, utensils, pots, pans, nothing.

    We stayed in a wraparound suite for our wedding and my MIL baked cookies. We bought cookie sheets and spatulas and bought the ingredients there. The looks on the guests faces when they came in to our suite and it smelled like fresh-baked cookies was pretty fantastic :)

    We had 33 people and we all fit in the suite for entertaining. I'm not sure about a ceremony, and I don't think all 33 would comfortably fit on the balcony. Since it is a "wraparound" balcony, it is pretty skinny, and probably not a good place to hold a ceremony.

  • @vegasbaby2015

    Ugh... the Cosmo suite sounds so much more convenient as far as food prep goes. But I do love that MGM balcony. Anyone know what the wraparound runs a night?
  • Depending on when you book. Wraparound on weekends have been $800-$950 -includes the additional cost for the guarantee of having a fountain view. 
  • I stayed in the Cosmo wraparound and it's very nice, like PP said you guys would be on the balcony but your guests will mostly be inside.  I'd also look into the Platinum Marquise Suite, the terrace may not be large enough either, but they have a full kitchen and even deliver groceries (albeit at very marked up prices) so the food would likely be much easier.  MGM Signature would have a full kitchen as well and their setup seems like it would allow for a similar ceremony as Cosmo's wraparound would.

    Regardless of where you end up, be sure to pick a suite with 2 bathrooms for that size group.
  • Mandalay Bay Vista suite is where it's at ! Catering from outside is no big deal there and it's beautiful and you can generally book it for $500-600 a night which considering how much you would spend on a reception location is pretty affordable!
  • No problems with outside catering, you say, @AndreaZubia85?

    Looks like I'm adding Mandalay Bay to our scouting trip...
  • Yes and the cool thing is you can visit the suite weekdays at 2 pm they do a tour. The first time we went the suites were not booked amd they showed us all of them including the hospitality suite which we originally booked. It's awesome and 2200 sw feet even has its own big ice machine. However it doesn't have a room to sleep in. Masterpiece said they have catered both suites no problem. The Vista has better views, is 1700 sw feet. When we tried to see it a second time with our coordinator they were both booked so we couldn't see it. But of that happens I actually have some great video we took to give you an idea of the suite I can text to you. It really is a must see @xoeden
  • I may add this to the list on my scouting trip @AndreaZubia85 even though I really want that MGM balcony terrace. Sounds like it's easier to see.

    Also, were you born in 85? Because if so, that's a pretty cool year I've heard to be born in ;)
  • I'm going to make an effort to get down to Mandalay Bay and do that suite tour in May! I haven't been down to the Bay since I was a kid, but it would be worth seeing. :) I wonder how the room's views will be affected by the construction across the street for 2016 weddings. Something to wonder about.

    If you could text me that video, that would be amazing! Once I figure out how to private message, I'll send you my number :)
  • 2103347169 just text me!
  • @adverb yes 85 was a good year to be born @xoeden just text me!
  • @AndreaZubia85, thank you so much for sending those photos and videos!
  • @AndreaZubia85 I would love to see photos too. Tried texting but it said it was the wrong number :(
  • Sorry 210 334 7168 is my number @adverb
  • @xoeden you're welcome! Let me know if you have any other questions my wedding is in 22 days! Reek!
  • eEk is what I meant lol
  • Wow!! I didn't realize people responded to my question. Thank you all so much for the info... We decided to get married in a chapel instead, then have an in-suite reception <3 super stokked
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