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First dance and father daughter dance song options...


So I am having trouble deciding!

For a first dance I like A moon to remember by Johnny Reid. I just don't know if it will be appropriate.

My dad has passed away, my mom is sick and will not make it to my wedding. So I am planning on doing the father daughter dance with my brother, and I would like to do a slide show of my parents and I while dancing, I'm just afraid it may be to much? I would like to do the song til we meet again also by Johnny Reid, I'm not sure how that will be by having both songs from the same artist.

Any opinions or suggestions?

Re: First dance and father daughter dance song options...

  • same artist is fine.  I am not familiar with those songs so cannot say whether they are appropriate, but if you like them and its something you and your H can dance too, then go for it.

    slideshow may be too much--and too sad for some guests to handle.  Its a happy day to celebrate your marriage, not to mourn your father.

    Super sorry for your loss and that your mom and dad cannot be there :/ I wish I had better advise for that  but I still think drawing attention to the loss is not appropriate for your wedding.

    You and your brother can definitely dance together, but pick a song that represents your relationship--not your parents.

    If you like the "Till We Meet Again" song you would dance with your brother with, maybe pick a different song for your spotlight dance but have the Johnny Reid  played during the reception where everyone can dance and have it dedicated to your parents without drawing sad attention to it.  

  • "Hey Brother" by Avicii
  • You could pick one nice picture of each of them and put that up on the screen rather than a whole slide show, or have whoever is emceeing for you announce that you would like to dedicate the dance to your parents. 
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