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mother son dance

hi i need a mother son dance, my FMIL asked me to just pick something since they dont really know these traditions... so whats a good song? all the lists im finding are too sappy and seem out of place for son and mother

Re: mother son dance

  • You simply can't go wrong with What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

    Other ideas:

    Forever Young by Rod Stewart (there's a pretty and slower acoustic version)

    Rainbow Connection -  there are cool versions by Weezer, Peter Cencotti, The Dixie Chicks or Jason Mraz  (and others)

    Days Like this by Van Morrison is a good one

    In My Life  or  Imagine   by The Beatles are both good

    Simple Man  by Shinedown

  • I second the vote for Simple Man, that version is amazing
  • The MOG at my wedding picked their song and she really wanted A Mother's Song by T-Carter Music. This is something that the groom and/or his mother should choose, not the bride or anyone else. 
  • FI chose Simple Man by Lynard Skyard and has been keeping it a surprise for his mom. She used to play it for him when it was just the two of them as he was growing up after she and his dad split. It is a great song, tear jerker, but really shows the mom/son relationship :)
  • We did a wonderful life because we didn't want anything that would make anyone cry either. We did a combined father/daughter  mother/son dance. My husband doesn't like being the center of attention. For me, I knew it would be the one time in my life that I get to dance with my dad (he's doesn't like to dance) so I wanted it to be a song that wouldn't make me cry.
  • My mom chose the song "Godspeed" by the Dixie Chicks.  I wasn't expecting to like it at first but it's really grown on me, a beautiful mother/son song.
  • Zombieee 


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