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Destination Wedding in March 2016?

My fiancé and I are planning a DW in Mexico in March 2016.  Though we've been engaged since September, we've only just started planning.  Fiancé REALLY wants to hold off on sending out save-the-dates until June, so we can visit the resort in person, but I think we should let people know earlier.

Anybody else planning a March DW?  When are you planning on save-the-dates?  Do we think it's okay to book a resort site unseen if we've done tons of online research and used a competent travel agent?

Re: Destination Wedding in March 2016?

  • Not doing save the dates as we're eloping. However if you're asking people to travel abroad for your wedding, I would say that the sooner you tell them the better.
  • Mine isn't technically a destination wedding since we will be living in Florida, but all our guests will be traveling a long way to get there. My family is in Washington state. We are sending ours in June and I think it should be more than enough time. It gives people 9 months to plan.

  • Im having a florida wedding, im from NY.  so its sorta destination.  I recommend seeing the place first..  pictures are great but what you feel about the place is important.  Do not go by timelines.  if you are having people travel you can start talking about where your having it

  • We thought about doing a destination wedding, but our families really weren't into it so we didn't.  But, while we were thinking of it we just reached out to our relatives and friends and said hey we are thinking of doing a destination wedding in March of 2016, just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we may be doing that.  We felt by doing that we would get feedback from people (mostly all negative which is why we aren't doing it haha!)  But it also gave them plenty of notice to start saving, and we didn't have to give a date/place because it was very informal. 
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