Maui vs. Hawaii (Big Island vs. Oahu destination wedding

I thought I'd post in here to see if anyone else has done any of this research before... 

Planning a destination wedding in Hawaii but haven't figured which island to have it on. We are looking at:
- Kona (Big Island)
- Somewhere in Maui (Lahaina?)
- Honolulu (Oahu)

Given the higher USD (compared to CAD and AUD where all our guests are coming from), we want to see what will be reasonable in terms of flights and hotels and general wedding costs. It will be approximately 50 people, we want something basic but still somewhat elegant. 

In my limited research, Kona seems to be able to offer MORE for the same price as Honolulu. Hotels may also run a little cheaper. Maui is a more romantic destination but also relatively expensive as well. 

I have been to Honolulu and Kona but not Lahaina. 

What are people's thoughts on this and has anyone else thought about the same questions when it came to planning their wedding and what destination did you choose and why, and if possibly what was the budget/actual for your wedding?

Re: Maui vs. Hawaii (Big Island vs. Oahu destination wedding

  • We actually just had our wedding on Maui a few weeks ago at Olowalu.  It was amazing and a perfect location.  We came from NZ, so I certainly understand the exchange rate.  
    After we went to the Big Island and loved it as well.  I think we actually liked the Big Island a bit more.  We did consider Maui, Kauai and the Big Island when planning ours.  We ulitmately chose Maui because we felt there was a lot for people to do and they didn't need to rent a car if they didn't want to.  We thought it offered a wide range of accommodation if guests didn't want to stay where we stayed.  The Big Island is probably cheaper, but I'm not sure that it's a huge difference in the grand scheme.  But a little savings is alsways a good thing.  What do you and FI like to do?  What do your guests like?   Personally I would do Maui or the Big Island.  I'm not a huge Oahu fan.
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