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Nevada-Las Vegas

Reviews part 2 Southwest Airlines, Paris Chapelle du Paradis

I was so nervous about getting my dress there I just said EFF IT I'm carrying it on and seeing what happens. We did early bird check in and were A48. It was a packed flight and I just wanted to board as fast as I could. When you get to the gate they give you the option to upgrade to A1-15 for $40.00. So I did it just for me. I lost out on $12.50 for early bird but no big deal, i would just totally suggest upgrading boarding positions at the gate. Steve the attendant at the gate called me up and introduced me to everyone at the gate and asked them for a round of applause for me. It was sweet. He asked where my groom was and everyone laughed when I said he was at the bar drinking. Lol. I got on board as A3 after I paid and Steve said I would have gotten you on first, but ill make sure I get him on fast too. That was also so nice! I got on board and the ladies already knew I was the bride and they gave me a whole overhead compartment for my dress. So Easy. On our flight back the flight attendants announced us and gave us a bottle of champagne. We also didnt pay for one cocktail there or back :). I love Southwest!

We had our ceremony at Paris, it was the best deal and it is a beautiful chapel. We got the adore package that was $1100. Don't let that fool you because after adding a cellist amd getting flowers for everyone including the aisle it was about $2100 for the ceremony. Flowers are expensive but you need them and they turned out beautiful. Our reverend talked to us both briefly before and was such awesome speaker. He made it very personable and overall it was great. They even let my photographer go in and take pictures as long as he didnt use the flash. I didnt think that would happen. We didnt go back to pick out pictures mainly because I didn't want the pressure of buying more than what came in the package, something like 12 photos. But overall it was a beautiful ceremony and Tina the coordinator was very nice.

Re: Reviews part 2 Southwest Airlines, Paris Chapelle du Paradis

  • That flight sounds lovely! :) 

    You did your ceremony at the Gardin chapel, right? How did it look? Was it more modern or traditional? There's so many competing photos and information.
  • The larger of the 2 chapels is the Chapelle du Paradis. Very traditional and very beautiful. It has painted ceilings like the Venetian and a large gold chandelier. It is a very beautiful space.
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