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A new MRS! Reviews part 2 (Aria Hotel, Aria Wedding Chapel, Cashman, CupKates, Joe's)

Aria Hotel - A
We've stayed at Aria numerous times.  We love the hotel, the rooms, everything.  This experience was nothing different.  We got a corner suite for 10 days, and it was AMAZING.  The room was beautiful, we got turndown service every night (complete with chocolates on our bed), and almost every night we had a gift from the hotel congratulating us on our wedding.  The only downside is that I'm not sure I can go back to a regular room after staying in the suite!

Aria Wedding Chapel - A
I can't say anything at all negative about my experience with the chapel personnel.  The wedding itself was beautiful.  Every detail was handled.  My bouquet was beyond what I had imagined.  Even leading up to the big day, the communication with the staff was great.  I had Marissa as my coordinator at first, but she left and I was assigned Marcela.  Marcela was great... she was on top of my questions, got answers if she didn't know, and was just an all around great source of information.  We did have a mishap during our ceremony (see below under Cashman) that was not really under the control of the chapel staff, but they felt so bad about what happened that they comped us a few nights to make up for the mistake.  I think this is a class A group of people and I would recommend anyone thinking of getting in Vegas to check out the Aria Wedding Chapel.  

Cashman - A/D
This is a hard one to review.  On the one hand, the photographer we had during the ceremony and for half an hour after was great.  She was nice, friendly, and the pictures are really good!  She took about 125 pictures in the hour we had her, and they were mostly all really really good.  However, on the other hand... Cashman is in charge of all the videography and sound for the Aria wedding chapel.  So, as I was walking down the aisle with my father, I had a CD that I wanted playing of my sister singing.  I could hear it perfectly in the hallway, but when I walked into the chapel, it was silent.  Same thing happened when we were leaving the chapel after the ceremony... we had a special song on a CD, and silence in the chapel.  On the DVD, everything looks fine... except my face wondering where my music was!  Obviously, this was NOT ok.  The supervisor of the Chapel made sure to come to me after the ceremony and told me we'd discuss tomorrow (she said she didn't want me to stress about it on my wedding day).  Good thing I'm kind of low maintenance, and I didn't worry too much about it.  But, my guests noticed and asked about what happened.  Cashman stepped up some and gave us all the prints of our photos, all digital rights, some enlarged prints, and a few other items.  That was a great gesture, but in reality, it didn't really cost them anything to do that.  But, I'm not sure what else they could have done.  We couldn't go back and redo the ceremony... that ship had sailed.  SO, I guess they did the best they could to make it up?  Anyways, the pictures turned out great, and the DVD is really good as well.

CupKates - A++++
The cakes were AMAZING!  Kate did an awesome job with incorporating our colors, and everyone raved about the flavors.  We ordered 144 mini cupcakes and a giant cupcake for us to cut.  We had WAY more than we needed.  We ate on them all week after the wedding, and still had to leave a lot in Vegas!  I crave those cupcakes all the time now! :)

Joe's - A++++++++++++++
By far the best decision we made during the entire wedding planning was having our reception at Joe's.  Having eaten there a few times in the past, we knew the food was super quality.  But, I couldn't have predicted how awesome everything would be!  We dropped off our centerpieces and other items the day before, and when I walked in the reception, I was amazed at how good everything looked!  It was beautiful!  The service was amazing as well.  We had so many servers, and bar tenders.  There was never a moment when anyone was wanting anything.  The coordinator that night was really great, and kept me and my husband informed of what was going on and any decisions we needed to make.  At the end of the night, we were about $150 shy of our minimum, and they let us order some wine to take home with us so we didn't lose any money.  I think we heard from all of our guests at least once that this was one of the best meals they'd ever eaten, and I couldn't agree more.  I want to relive that reception over and over and over.  The 4 hours we had flew by way too fast!  Guess we'll have to do it all again someday! :)
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Re: A new MRS! Reviews part 2 (Aria Hotel, Aria Wedding Chapel, Cashman, CupKates, Joe's)

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