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Tone It Up?

Has anyone bought and done the Tone It Up plan? My wedding is exactly two months away and I'm contemplating purchasing TIU to get in seriously good shape for the wedding. 

I have about 7 pounds I'd like to lose. However, since I'm already in decent shape, my usual methods of losing weight (calorie counting and working out a little more) aren't really doing it for this last bit of weight. 

Anyone have any feedback on this plan?  

Re: Tone It Up?

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    I purchased the plan and I do like some the recipes they have, though I don't follow it to a T.  

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  • I LOVE Tone It Up! The plan has a lot of great nutrition info and I love that they send you updates throughout the year. Some of the updates have repeat recipes though. I think it is totally worth it. The community is absolutely amazing and is full of positive, supportive women who want to see you succeed!

    Bikini Series starts next week, which is an eight week program. I'm personally really excited for the series!! If your interested, I would try out the free workouts and recipes for a while to see if its for you!
  • I personally haven't done TIU, but I have a few friends who have done it and love it. I think it just depends how much you are willing to spend, and how dedicated you are going to be to it. It didn't seem worth it to me and my lifestyle, but if you think it will work for you, my friends have had great results!
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  • I love TIU - I haven't bought the DVDs but they have a lot of videos on the YouTube and I think are starting their new series next Monday.  They just email you weekly routines.  The routines are manageable time-wise and I really notice that they make a difference.  
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  • I'm a HUGE advocate of tone it up!  Highly recommend at least signing up to get the weekly workout schedule for the bikini series right now.  The community is so supportive and Karena & Katrina are awesome (like, I want to be their friend haha).

    I did purchase the nutrition plan almost a year ago but have yet to follow it.  I think it would work wonders for me because I'm always hungry and could eat all day long, and their plan recommends 5 small meals vs 3 larger meals, but (in my opinion) it's almost impossible to follow without some meal prep every week and I'm really bad at motivating myself to do that.

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  • I LOVE their videos--but I've been watching the ones they post on YouTube.
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