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Wedding Woes

Dress regret- please help!

Please help me- I just bought my dress today on a whim and I am already starting to feel major regret. I've been searching for a dress for so long and was feeling pressured to buy because my wedding is in October and I know the timing is tight! 

Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do? 

Some people have said that I should sleep on it and I will feel differently in the morning, but I am almost positive that I will not feel differently. There are a number of other dresses that I have tried on that have looked way better on me. 

Please help! :(

Re: Dress regret- please help!

  • What is it you don't like about your dress? Could you maybe make some changes? Maybe add sleeves, take away sleeves, add some sparkle.

    Sometimes small changes can change the look of the dress.
  • Go buy a different dress, this time NOT on a whim, your wedding is in October, you've still got time (you can walk into a bridal store and have a dress for this Saturday, sure your options would be limited, but you'd still have a dress!), sell the dress you just purchased or return it if the bridal shop you purchased from has that option (if you're lucky enough to have this - but 99.8% of all bridal shops won't).. 

    If you don't like your dress, it sets the tone for everything (hindsight 20/20).  Either be a two-dress bride, come to terms with the dress you purchased as being "the one" for a reason, or sell the dress to find one you're going to love wearing (not the same as looking better on you)...  Make your decision and be confident in it. 

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  • I, too, felt some regret after purchasing my dress. While shopping, I was somewhat torn between two VERY different dresses. Once I chose one and got home, I began to regret my decision. BUT, after sleeping on it and looking back at pictures of myself in all of the dresses that I had tried on, I knew I made the right decision.

    That being said, if you still feel that you have made the wrong decision and you absolutely cannot see yourself walking down the aisle in that dress, I agree with the PP 100%. You need to love the dress you're wearing ALMOST as much as you love the person you're going to marry ;)

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    >You need to love the dress you're wearing ALMOST as much as you love the person you're going to marry

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