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How many hairstylists should you hire?

Don't know if this has been posted before but I am curious how many hair stylists should I hire? I have hired one girl and she says she can get all 9 of us done but now I am getting anxious that everyone will be waiting forever for their hair. Is it typical for one girl to do 9 people?

Re: How many hairstylists should you hire?

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    I have 9 people getting their hair done (7 updos, 2 blow outs/styles) and I have 5 people doing it and we will be done in 3 hours. 

    How long did she estimate and what are you 9 having done? I would think 1 girl is not enough. Especially with bridal hair.

  • That seems off... I have 5 people getting hair and makeup and they are sending two people. The owner of the company said she usually allots one hour per service, so they will take 5 hours to do everyone's hair and makeup (let's say one does hair, one does makeup). If this holds true for you, then everyone's hair will take 9 hours as there is only one stylist. That's a LONG time.
  • There are 8 of us getting our hair/makeup done. We are going to a salon to do it; however, they scheduled us all with 4 or 5 stylists so we can be done in 2.5 hours. I would definitely say you need to hire more than just one for nine people!
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    I think one hairstylist for 9 people is unreasonable. Unless people are just getting blow outs or simple styling. Or unless you're planning to be at the salon for 8-9 hours. 

    We had 2 stylists for 6 people and we were at the salon for 3-4 hours. Some of us got make up done also (ETA: MUAs were different people than the hair stylists). 

    I would go to salon that has at least 3 stylists available. An updo can take 30-60 minutes. Just consider how much time you can/want to spend at the salon.

  • Ok thanks! It did seem off that one person can do 9 people. All the referrals I got said she's awesome at what she does but I only want to be there for 3 hours at the most. I have my trial next week so I'm going to ask her to bring someone or I'm going to hire another person possibly 2.
  • We have 6 people getting hair and 4 getting makeup. We have one hair stylist who will do 4-5 girls, the other is a hair stylist and MUA, she will do me and possibly one bridesmaid, plus all of the makeup. I think we're expecting around 4 hours.

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  • For updo's depending on how complicated the style & how much hair a girl has, you need to plan for probably 45 minutes. I have short (long pixie) and my stylist spent 30 minutes just doing my simple style just because she wanted to make sure it was perfect for me. But realistically, unless you are all just doing ponytails or a simple bun, I don't see how any single stylist can do 9 hair do's in 3 hours.
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