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Flowers or not

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I am not a "flower" person, I already have non-floral center pieces planned, and didn't really plan on having flowers through out the rest of the wedding. i really just wanted to have the bouquets and that is it.. I am thinking silk flowers are the way I am going to go. anyone else not having flowers, or been to a wedding with minimal flowers??

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Re: Flowers or not

  • We are having non floral centerpieces. I'm allergic to a lot of kinds of flowers as well as my mom. We are only having bouquets and boutonnieres.
  • My general manager didn't have flowers at her wedding. My other manager's mother works at a flower shop and offered to make her silk flower bouquets, and they turned out beautifully. I honestly had no idea that they were not real flowers until a few days later when I told her how lovely I thought they looked. Their centerpieces were not flowers also; they were little glass containers full of sand with Adirondack chairs, a fire pit, etc. because they're into camping and the beach. I plan on having real flowers simply because I absolutely love flowers, but they definitely aren't necessary these days! If you want silk flowers, go for it. 

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  • I only want minimal flowers as well.. plus they are expensive and they just die! We are not using floral centerpieces either. The church we are getting married at offers silk flowers for decor of the aisle. I also found a local place where I can DIY just for the bouquets and boutonnieres. It's your wedding so it's whatever your comfortable with! :) 
  • I am using minimal flowers because I really am not a big flower person, we are using some sunflowers because they are honestly the ONLY flowers I get excited about, ever.  I love anything nontraditional, sometimes silk flowers can get expensive, look online for nonflower bouquets and you may surprised at how many great ideas are out there, especially if you are in to DIY stuff!
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    I'm only having a flower bouquet for me and BMs, and maybe some small side arrangements on the mantle or window sills in our venue, but not even sure of that part. Doing non-floral centerpieces - going for a simple lantern with candles like this: 
  • My friend had a bouquet like this! It was a lot of work collecting all of the pins and brooches but she made it herself. Not sure if it ended up being any cheaper than flowers though.. 
  • I am doing a brooch bouquet and my bridesmaids are carrying lanterns down the aisle.
  • I'm not doing flowers at all. I'm not going to have any hands to hold them! My two children from my previous marriage are going to walk me down the aisle, each holding one of my hands. I don't feel the need for flowers after the ceremony either- it will just be a bother and a hassle to keep track of them. 
  • My bridesmaids are going to be carrying fake flower bouquets that mimic my dress colors.  I'm doing a badge bouquet with one inch "pieces of flare" that are all from movies or TV shows The Crow and I love.  At the reception our centerpieces are non-floral but we are having a scattering of dead flowers on all the tables!
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    I was originally planning on doing a lot of non-floral centerpieces and silk floral bouquets before a family member stepped in and offered to arrange and pay for my flowers. Afloral.com had a lot of great DIY bouquet pics and nice silk flowers. I ordered a few prior to my family member taking over, and they're really pretty! I've got them in a vase on my dining table, and everyone who sees them compliments them. 

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    We have ten bridesmaids and groomsmen, so getting each of them a bouquet as well as boutineers was going to cost me a couple thousand (and for simple Calla Lily arrangements).  So instead, I decided to pay for my bouquet, my fiances boutineer, and our center pieces which are a single calla lily floating in a glass vase.  My theme for the ceremony is fairy tale, so my bridesmaids will be carrying a lantern with fairy lights in them which cost me less than ten bucks each.  I have no idea what I want the men to wear instead of a flower but I will come up with something (or if you ladies have any ideas please let me know!)  
  • Thanks all, I have found the real touch flowers, I am doing simple calla lily and just a colored pocket square for the groomsmen. I have made my practice/throw one and it turned out great! I also will have to sweep up the petals if the flower girls throw them so they are simple carrying a "kissing ball"..

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