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May 2016 Weddings

What was the first thing you planned?

falsarafalsara Northside of Chicago member
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Hey ladies,

So what is the first thing that you planned for the wedding?  For me and FI the first thing we planned was our wedding party and our colors (Royal Blue, Silver, and White).


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Re: What was the first thing you planned?

  • Our first thing was the venue, since we were 99.9% sure we wanted the zoo even before meeting with their wedding coordinator. That was followed by colors (coral, navy and gold). We have picked a Best Man and MOH, but not the rest of the wedding party yet. 
  • becomingmrsrogersbecomingmrsrogers Ft. Lauderdale member
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    So far i have a theme. hey, that's a start, right? Going for Country Garden, Shabby Chic. Other than that, i am focused on nailing down a venue.
  • The first thing we planned was the venue.  Following that, we decided on the photographer, DJ and wedding party.  I can't remember which one we did first!

  • First we decided on an overall feel. Semi-casual, bright, romantic, etc. Now we're trying to nail down a venue. I've met with a few photographers as well. However, I want to finalize the venue before I book anything else. We have a basic budget in mind, but we can make more definite decisions when we know how much we're dishing out for the venue. Of course the photographers I like most are the more expensive ones. Sigh.
  • We booked the venue first based on conversations of what we wanted the day to look/ feel like. We definitely didn't want a traditional banquet hall so that narrowed down the venue options a lot.  Once we found the best fit it was an easy decision.  I just booked the DJ last week based on recs on my local board.  Photog and dress are next on my priority list.  
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  • We decided on a venue (destination) back in December. After changing the date a few times we've landed on the best date for us, as well as booked the photographer. We also decided on a private wedding. We're asking a friend to get ordained, will have our two required witnesses and that's it. After we get the pictures back we'll have a casual party when we get back with our friends and family. We have too many people we want to invite but can't afford to host them so it'll be "just us" and our witnesses & friend marrying us.
  • Blackbird230Blackbird230 Connecticut member
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    Venue and photographer first.

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  • Venue and photographer first.

  • HedgehogMama2016HedgehogMama2016 Alberta member
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    We had a 2 hour drive home after we got engaged without cell service, so we pretty much hammered out a lot of the details. The first thing we actually booked though was the reception location, then the photographer :)
  • Have a venue and a photographer already. The venue comes with a dedicated caterer so I feel quite accomplished! Also wedding colors dusty lilac, a soft gray, and pops of teal.
  • The budget. I was already looking at venues and caterers and everything while we were still ring-shopping, but my research got a lot more specific once we knew what we could and couldn't afford.
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  • The wedding party and the colors! (tangerine and grey) Next will be venue, but we're planning from across the country, so I'm having to rely on bridesmaids to tour venues and send me pics!
  • Budget, style of wedding, guest list, then venues. Then we didn't like what we saw. So we cut the guest list and and are now planning a more formal intimate wedding at a beautiful venue.
  • I already had an idea of colors and stuff like that.  The first thing we planned/booked was the venue.  For us this was the main thing we wanted booked.  Living in St. Paul and wanting a downtown wedding, things book fast.  We booked out reception and ceremony space in January 2015.  The next thing we did was find a caterer and photographer, which we booked end of January early February 2015.  Since then things have been on cruse control.  I am going dress shopping for the second time tomorrow.  We had a tasting and have a basic menue set.  I am currently emailing with DJs and Day Of wedding planners. 
  • I booked my venue , ceremony and reception at the same place with in-house catering. I guess now I can book the second most expensive thing, the photographer.
  • We booked the venue first (beautiful barn overlooking the lake) I already knew the colors (peacock themed). The next thing was the photographer and then I got my dress! I come from a big family so I think we're going to do our own food so no caterer needed. I think the next thing will be cake!
  • We've been engaged since October 2013. We'd been doing a lot of research. When the time came to set the date things fell right into place because we knew what wanted. The first 2 things we did was book the church and the reception venue and the photographer.  We created style we wanted to go with as far as decor, food, etc and are in the process of interviewing caterers.
  • We knocked out our theme first, vintage carnival, and our venue since it's at an entertainment park.

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