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Videographer won't show full sample

I was just wondering if any of you thought this was a red flag.

I talked to a videography company recently and they seemed great for the most part. They offer really short films, and then full feature films with your whole ceremony, etc. My fiance and I really want the full feature because we want to remember the day in it's entirety.

Ok great. While we were talking I asked to see a full feature film, but the company said they don't show them because "It shows every detail of the couple's day, so we like to keep them private."

Does anyone know if this is a common thing? They're the only company I've talked to thus far so I'm not sure if this is the norm. Any experience with this ladies?

Re: Videographer won't show full sample

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    This is not common. Ask them for references, call the couples and ask for their permission to see their full ceremony. Or walk away and find someone else who can show you a complete wedding. DO not hire someone without seeing a complete package before signing.

    Personally I would find someone else. Almost all photogs/videogs require consent to use the images/footage for business use and business advertising. So I think their excuse is BS. I would expect it to be that their full body of work is unimpressive. Possibly the sound quality sucks, bc the shorts are usually set to music. To have the cause removed will increase your contract price - i.e. celebrities and politicians, etc will pay to be on the only copy right holder.
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