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Since college I have been so up and down about working out. I was an athlete so after doing 20+hrs/week of exercise because I had to for years I had a hard time doing anything without someone yelling at me. I generally do a couple 5Ks and maybe one 10K per year but I have decided I'm going big and training for a half. This is mostly because I can couch to 5K with about a day's notice so signing up for one of those doesn't motivate me to TRAIN.

My body holds up but mentally I tend to lose motivation about a month into these ideas.. anyone here have any tips on keeping it up? What gets you out of the house every day to exercise? 

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Re: Running a Half

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    I'm a marathoner, and I usually hit the training wall about 8 weeks in. Last year I joined a running club and it has made a huge difference. I'm more motivated to make it to our group runs, we have a FB group where we ask questions and bitch and moan and just generally support each other. And it's inspiring seeing what other people accomplish.

    If you don't have many local running clubs, running stores usually have a few options for group runs. I've also seen Meet Up groups.

    Most races have a FB group-I'm in one now for my next race. Everyone encourages each other, it's a good place to get positive reinforcement.
  • Thank you, this is a great idea! I am new to the area so this might be a good way to meet some people too. I have always wanted to be good at running, I just lose motivation quickly and don't want to let that happen this time! 

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