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Hotel Forgot Our Block - No Hotels In Town

We had reserved a huge block at a hotel in Annapolis for 10.10.15. 

Well, they had some staff turnover and turns out oh, the previous woman never put in our huge block. She put in for a block of 10. So now Save the Dates have gone out and OH! They're out of rooms and no one thought to call and let me know. The whole town is out of rooms because of this boat show. That's why we reserved so many in this block in the first place. 

WHAT DO WE DO? Change the date of the wedding? Right now we're looking at 12 September (all that's open) but, as it is a Jewish wedding, that means we can't start the ceremony until 7:30 (sundown) which puts the reception at 8:30 at the earliest. My grandparents and the flower girl need to be in bed by then!

KEEP THE WEDDING? Just tell our guests they're SOL if they want a hotel within 20 miles?

MOVE VENUES? We found one available on the same date closer to the airport and with a bunch of walkable hotels, but it's more costly and we really don't like it as much.


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Re: Hotel Forgot Our Block - No Hotels In Town

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    I'll vote for move venues. But first, check to be sure you can block rooms at the nearby hotels.
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    If/when you change something, places like vistaprint do really cheap custom business postcards. I turned one into a pretty STD and got 150 of them for 20 bucks. That way you aren't hit too hard paying for new things to be sent out!
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  • I'm so sorry. This happened to us, but thankfully there were other hotels in town. Have you talked to the general manager or just whoever replaced the dumb person? I'd be talking to the GM to see if s/he can do something for you. I mean, there's no way the hotel is 100% full, is there?

    If that doesn't work, I would move the venue. I'm so sorry to suggest that if you're in love with your venue... Would a shuttle work? I went to a wedding in Finger Lakes area (NY) last year and they shuttled people from Ithaca since the venue wasn't near any hotels. It was about a 15-20 minute bus ride. 

  • TNDancer said:

    I would just choose one of those hotels further away. Get a big block and arrange group transporatation for your guests. Yes, you will pay for a bus, but you won't lose deposits,etc.

    This - I'd also talk with the managers up the line as @Southernbelle as you had the blocks first, not whomever other group.  Depending on how much of a PITA you want to be, you could even complain up the chain to the franchise.  Yes, miscommunications happen, but you had your block first, and if it was secured with a CC then the other people should be SOL, not you.  Unless your reception is at this same hotel, I wouldn't move.  If after you've exhausted all possibilities to get this resolved you don't have a successful conclusion, then simply put, you put it on the hotel when informing your guests. 
  • Just as a quick update - the in-laws are furious and are looking into lawsuit options. In the meantime we're scrambling to find other vendors in the next city over - basically we want to keep the date and just move the reception to a place where there are actually hotels. Hopefully we'll lose as little as possible.

    I still can't believe all this happened, it's been so immensely terrifying. I only got four hours of sleep last night over this! Luckily, if all goes well, we keep our date and time and anyone who has made transportation arrangements won't have to change anything. That's the goal - wish me luck!

    Also double and triple check your bookings, kids!!

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  • I really do like the shuttlebus option that PPs have suggested! Book a room block elsewhere and demand that "your" hotel pony up some cash to pay for it.

    So sorry this is happening to you. :(
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    I agree with @strawberrybee9! To keep you in good graces, the hotel that screwed up should be more than happy to assist you in any way that they can! Don't be afraid to write emails and make phone calls to voice your disappointment either!
  • @MegEn1 Annapolis girl here... by next town over I hope you're not talking about Eastern Shore. We've had issues on top of issues with hotel blocks, people slow to call back, reluctance to use email etc. with everything on Kent Island.

    Second the idea of paying for a shuttle. After that people can figure out what works best for them. They may want to use Air bnb, stay on their boats (what some people are doing for ours), bed and breakfast etc. You might want to call other area hotels and see if they can get you a smaller block.

  • Sticky situation. Yep, moving venues might be the best option in the end. But also 8:30 really isn't that late and maybe the grandparents and flower girl's parents will make an exception given the circumstances that were beyond your control.
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    MegEn1 said:
    So a month later ... we have a new venue in Baltimore, bye bye Annapolis. Luckily it's in walking distance of about 10 hotels ranging from $99 a night to $500 a night. So bye bye hotel blocks, bye bye transportation issues. While the venue is more expensive we're saving a lot of money elsewhere and GOD I couldn't be happier!!!!!!!!!
    The bolded is great to hear.  All the best!
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    So glad it worked out for you. Now I'm calling and double-checking all of my room blocks!
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