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June 2015 Weddings

Kids in the Wedding

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Our wedding is in late June (so just around the corner) and I hear second-hand through FI that his sister has mentioned to his mother if there was something her daughter (2yo) could do in the wedding.

My daughter is the flower girl (almost 2yo) and our nephew (5yo) from a different sibling is the ring bearer.

Since the flower girl is our daughter, I want her to get that special job all to herself. Maybe that sounds weird, but its her day as much as our and I don't want her to have to share it.

Can you think of anything that we could do to incorporate other children into a ceremony? I'm trying to rise above the fact that its a somewhat rude thing to ask, especially this close and not even to me.. Rise above for family.

Re: Kids in the Wedding

  • Are you doing anything at the end of the ceremony like blowing bubbles or throwing bird seed? You have have it be her job to hand those out or HELP hand those out??

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    Hmm..2 is pretty young to have a "job", other than flower girl. However, if it were me, I would have her do something, even if it means having her be a flower girl too. I'm pretty "equal" about family, so choosing a nephew, but not a niece for job too, would def. cause friction that I wouldn't want to deal with. 

    And honestly, at 2 years old, these kids (your daughter especially) are not going to remember it. 
  • Agree with SilverGlitter05, you could have her help pass out blowing bubbles or anything else you may be using post ceremony. Maybe her mom could also be in charge to help direct her through that time?
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  • Don't do it.

    This isn't about you, your daughter, or your niece. This is about your FSIL. Giving into her at this point is just setting a precedent for future family dynamics.

    If you were still in the planning stages, I would say that the thought of 2 yr old cousins being joint-flower girls sounds *adorable* and that you could give them different things to hold/toss so that their "jobs" can be "different", but that ship has sailed. The wedding is next month. Don't add any new "roles" just because a family member (i.e., FSIL) has come forward last minute wanting to be included (albeit through her daughter). There's a good chance your niece won't care or remember about being included or not at this age and if she does it's a perfect opportunity for her parents to teach her that she won't always be included in everything and that's okay.
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