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Nevada-Las Vegas

Scouting Trip - Aria, Cosmo Wedding Suite, Mandalay Bay, Wynn

kgales1kgales1 member
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Hello all! 

Just came back from our scouting trip and have narrowed it down to the Aria and the Cosmo.  I took a ton of pictures, I will link to my Google+ account to view the whole album but I'll post some highlights here too. 

Mandalay Bay -  this was our first appointment so we kind of used it as a practice to figure out what questions to ask and details to go over.  We saw 2 of the 3 chapels at Mandalay, the 3rd was too big for our tiny wedding so we didn't waste time checking that out. The chapels are nice but not our style at all.  I wasn't wowed with the chapels so we also asked to see the Valley of the Falls.  Its a LONG walk from the wedding chapels and I wasn't thrilled that you have to walk through the valet parking spot, under an overpass and cross a road to get to it. Once you get there you're right on Las Vegas Blvd although surrounded by waterfalls. Its pretty loud, and I kind of felt it was a little dark. The chairs that were out at the site were dirty and definitely needed a power wash... just overall not for us. 

Aria - The chapel is down the hall and downstairs from the Zarkana theatre, there was a convention going on in that area so there were a lot of people around.  When you walk into the chapel, all the hustle and bustle kind of melts away. Its bright, modern and very pretty. The chapel its self doesn't photograph as well as I though it would. It is actually VERY pretty in real life. You can change the lighting to whatever color you might want. Kaylan was super sweet and very personable and she showed us all the color options. She had the lights at a greenish gold color and they are gorgeous. I tried to capture it on my pictures but it doesn't show up like they look in real life.  We really liked the dressing rooms also. I can see my sisters and me having a glass of champagne in there before we start the ceremony, really pretty and chic. 

Wynn - Gorgeous. We LOVED the outside "chapel" the primrose courtyard. The chapels are super pretty too.  I also really liked that they only do one wedding at a time. My big deciding factor for not using the Wynn was the overall fee of the resort. Its a little bit of an older crowd and we just didn't feel like it was the best vibe for us. 

Cosmo - We visited the wedding suite. Its very nice! The dressing room is big and spacious. I love the balcony and the views are incredible. I am not sure if I am sold on the lounge furniture for our guests to sit on during the ceremony but they said they can replace them with chairs if needed. They have a nice bar area where they will serve cocktails after the ceremony.  They have tvs when you first walk in to play a slide show on if you want. I really liked the feel of the space and I am waiting to hear back from them to see a few pictures that are dressed up with flowers. 

Just thought I would give everyone a little taste of what we saw.  Here is the link to my pictures. I haven't gone through to caption any of them yet but it should give you the idea of what everything looks like. Please let me know if you guys have any questions, I'll do my best to answer any and all of them. 


Re: Scouting Trip - Aria, Cosmo Wedding Suite, Mandalay Bay, Wynn

  • Awesome pictures!! Thanks so much for sharing! Where did you guys stay during the trip?
  • We stayed at the Aria.  I put on our reservation that we were celebrating our engagement and shopping for a venue and they upgraded our room to a mini-suite.  Love the Aria, we've stayed here the past 3 times we've been to Vegas. 

  • Thank you a million and one percent for the review on Mandalay Bay. I'm debating booking that viewing because we're expecting a tiny wedding as well, and are also only interested in Valley of the Falls. If it's a trek, I think it's probably fair to write that one off.
  • @xoeden - It honestly wasn't for us. We're admittedly a little snobby and it just didn't live up to my expectations at all. The girl that showed us the property did say that if you book Valley of the Falls, you don't have to go to the chapel first and there are meeting points for your guests to go to but I couldn't envision my Grandma waiting at the Valet counter to be escorted to the ceremony.

    The other thing that turned me off was that there is no access to a dressing room if you book that venue, I guess you just get ready in your room and walk down from there.

    It just wasn't impressive. 

    If you're looking for an outdoor venue, I suggest the Wynn. We loved it, probably the prettiest outdoor venue in Vegas. 

  • lauradean89lauradean89 member
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    @kgales1 your photos are amazing. Did you stay in a corner suite? We are getting married at Aria next year and want to stay in a corner suite so wanted to know if that's which room you stayed in. I find all the pics on trip advisor a little difficult to work out what's what :)
  • The Valley of the Falls was kind of interesting but at the same time not. Mandalay Bay is so far down at the end for me that it loses some pizzazz. Really, what I was hoping for was some sort of garden wedding, which is why I think it falls short. We're doing a viewing at the Flamingo in less than to weeks (eeeeeeeek!), so hopefully that'll meet what we're looking for, but most likely we'll do something completely in suite.

    Is the Wynn just like what you see in the photos? I'm not totally in love with it, but if it's worth checking out, we might just drop by while we're up there. :)
  • @lauradean89 -- I'm not entirely sure if that was a "corner suite".  When we were checking in they said it was a mini-suite or a mini-king suite.  No kitchenette or "bar" but a little living room, giant bathroom with soaking tub and bed in same area as the living area.  Great views with tons of windows though.  We were on the 50th floor, room 50102. 

  • How exciting! Aria and Cosmo are my favorite hotels. We always stay at Aria as well and our vow renewal was at the Cosmo.

    Happy planning!

  • Ah thanks so much for posting! Definitely reaffirming my choice to splurge on the Aria chapel. :)
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