Re: Candy Buffet Kits?

  • KatWAGKatWAG Chicago member
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    Is this a joke? $300 for a candy kit?

    Go to Target buy some candy. Go to Michaels buy some plastic jars and a few scoops. It's $25, max.

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  • wandajune6wandajune6 Chicago-ish member
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    I'm a little late to see this but I would be hesitant to buy this. You have no idea how old the candy is.

    Also, you're in Chicago! So many great options! We did bags of candy rather than a bar but we got wonderful local things. While we bought a lot at Target and Walmart, we also went to the Ferrara Pan outlet (Forest Park, right off the Harlem exit from 290) and the Fannie May outlet (there are lots). We bought a ton of goodies for very little.
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