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How long is too long to get video back from videographer?

We were married 8 months ago.. We have still yet to receive ANYTHING from our videographer. Our contact said 12 weeks (3 months).. When I reach out to him, he says he is sorry and is busy. I am in the process of getting the raw footage from him, and then plan to potentially take him to small claims court for half of what we paid. This is ridiculous! Am I being too sensitive? Also, He told me to send him a zip drive for the footage and he woud send back. I sent one, and it was too small. I told him I was dissapointed that as the professional, he should have told me what size.. He replied, "if you werent sure, you should have asked!" UGH! 

Re: How long is too long to get video back from videographer?

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    He is being very unprofessional. If you take delivery of the footage you might not be able to get all your money back in court - but I would fight for a partial refund. You should have had it within 3 months, per your contract. You are not being too sensitive. He is VERY unprofessional.

    Have you told him you want a refund in addition to the unedited footage?
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