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Post-Wedding Photo Shoots?

I need someone to talk me down from a ledge.

I did not hire a professional photographer for my wedding mainly due to my low budget. I'm sure if I had wanted to, I could have figured out a way to find someone who was good but affordable, however, I had a co-worker offer to do it for free. She showed me some of the photos she'd done previously and I liked them.

Well, that was a mistake. She did a horrible job. We got some good candids, but there are SO many things that she just didn't do, even though we had talked about them prior to the wedding.  For example:

-There are no good photos of me with my mom. The only ones of me and my mom are out in the harsh sunlight where we are both squinting and our faces are half in dark shadow. They look really bad.

-She took some group shots of me with my bridesmaids (also bad: squinting, shadows, etc), but no individual shots. I really wanted a photo of me with each bridesmaid so they could have it to frame (and I could too). 

My husband and I returned to our wedding venue three weeks after the actual wedding to get some portraits of just me and him (since we also didn't have any good ones of us). They turned out great, so I felt relieved about that. Moms and grandparents would have something nice to frame.

What I'm wondering is... Would it be overkill for me to get dressed up one more time for another photo shoot to get some good images of me with my bridesmaids and mom? Am I over-obsessing? This is heartbreaking to me, but I'm wondering if it has something to do with post-wedding planning depression.

I know this is a MAJOR first-world problem... but I just want to know if I'm being ridiculous or if this sounds like a good idea. Please be gentle in your replies to me. I'm sensitive about this issue. Lol.

Re: Post-Wedding Photo Shoots?

  • I think the time for this has passed. I am really sorry your wedding day pictures did not turn out well. And personally I think you and your husband going back and having a few portraits is not a big deal. Kind of a reverse portrait session as those are usually done before the wedding.

    However, that was just the two of you and this would involve a lot of other people, adults, playing dress up. It is just over kill at this point. Plus the whole point is to have those pictures from the day of, neither you or your mom can "fake" the day, the day is in the past.

    Once again I am sorry your photos did not turn out the way you wanted but there is not really a redo option at this point.
  • Well, my family seems to feel the same way as you do, so it looks like it's not going to work out anyway. Thanks for your honest feedback. 

    Take care.
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