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Any one starting to feel the pressure?

Our engagement will be 18 months total, and I've been pretty laid back about everything - but I'm definitely finding myself stressing out about little things as we get closer.  I'm not sure if it's just been 16 months of dealing with wedding related stress and finally cracking -- but I'm finding myself trying to squash "bridezilla" tendencies. I've spent the most of the process trying to please everyone else and I'm getting to the point where I'm starting to think "well, I'm the bride, it's time to do it how I want." I 100% realize that 1) I'm the only person (next to FI) that cares that much about my wedding and it's not anyone else's priority and 2) None of this will matter very shortly, but with the expenses totaling up, I feel this pressure of "We're spending how much!? This better be damn near perfect."

My barre studio has seen me 6-7x a week now - not to get in shape so much for the wedding, but to keep me sane!

Anyone else there starting to become more irritable as the countdown crunches?

Re: Any one starting to feel the pressure?

  • misskinababymisskinababy member
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    Oh yeah. Irritable, annoyed, stressed out...all of that. And it's coming from my side and from my fiance's side. I'm just trying to breathe and tell myself that the wedding is in 2 months and it'll be great. There was drama behind my bridal shower and it turned out to be a beautiful event. 
  • I don't feel like I'm doing the Bridezilla thing, however my stress is reflecting in how easy it is for me to start crying at the drop of a hat. I haven't been able to go to spin in two weeks because I work 40 hours and then my spare time is going to putting favors together or spending time with the fiance, so I'm crabby from that too. The things I have left to do are all up to me now too....I make quilts so I'm making one for everyone to sign...however it's not finished and it's past the point that anyone can help me, unless you know how to make quilts. Ugh... why do I do this to myself?!

  • im so stressed out 
    its like everything irritates me
    my mom called me a bridezilla the other day
    idk what it is 
    everything is coming along smoothly but i am still freaking out
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    Ladies, I'm starting to feel really excited but, like you, really feeling the pressure. I'm truly in a state of disbelief that we're almost at the 2 month mark. I keep telling myself that that, with what we have already planned, the wedding will happen--the rest is just details! What things are you working on/procrastinating and would really like to complete soon? My big one is invites--I'm hoping to get them out the last weekend of this month (which means I really need to get going on putting them together!). We just finalized honeymoon plans, so now I'm more excited for that then the wedding, lol.
  • If you ladies don't have a DOC i suggest getting one. This took loads of stress off my shoulders. I've been drinking wine ever since. Best $800 I spent.
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  • Two months to go and I don't feel the stress anymore. I sent out my invitations earlier than I was supposed to (I guess) and the deadline is Saturday. I'm still waiting for 41 more responses. But i'm like, if I don't get it by Saturday, I'm not going to stress it just because my guests had months and months to get it together. 
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    FI is re-purposing a suit from a wedding he and all of the GMs were in last year. It took over 2 months to choose, order and alter 4 suits. The groom from last year needs to buy a coordinating suit for our wedding, plus FI and another GM have lost weight and need to buy a new suit.

    It's less than 2 months to the wedding. They haven't even set up a time to go shopping. And the suit from last year is discontinued. 

    I'm letting FI deal with it. I told him that his friends are not in the WP if they don't have a suit. 
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  • I agree with all of you ladies! I'm getting super excited for the big day; however, I've noticed that I'm very irritable and cry so easily at times. I do get lots of enjoyment though over coming home from work every day to check the mailbox for RSVPs! That has helped keep me sane the last few weeks. 
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  • I'm 3.5 weeks out now and I feel like I ought to be doing something all the time but there's not much more for me to do and I feel like that is even more stressful!
  • I finally booked our hotel, so that's one less thing I have to worry about. My biggest issue is figuring out when to get our marriage license. We live in Queens, NY, but he works in the Bronx and I work in lower Manhattan. The courts only give out the licenses from 8:00 am-3:45 p.m. and our schedules are so different.
  • @misskinababy we had to be late for work one day to get our license...we both work about an hour away from where we live in opposite directions. I think most employers are understanding that your wedding is a big deal, and if you go early in the morning you won't miss too much work! 
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    Knottie03777613 yeah you're right. Luckily, my fiancé told me that he has some half days coming up and I'll be able to leave work a few hours early to take care of the license. Perfect timing!!
  • It always has a way of working out! :)
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